If your vision of a perfect hen weekend involves pubs, laughter, great music, charming brogues, and a taste of the real capital of Ireland, then Cork is the place to be. Traditional Irish pubs, live music, fantastic locally-sourced food (Cork is also the food capital of Ireland), and lively clubs packed with happy party goers make a Cork hen weekend a glorious experience worth every penny. If you want to enjoy your hen weekend in Cork, put on some green and get ready to see where the craic really is. We can only give you one hint: there won't be any regrets involved. Cork has so many hen do activities to choose from, you will really enjoy it here. If you are too spoilt for choice, why not opt for one of our Cork hen party packages?


A stone's throw away from the legendary town of Blarney, Cork is the third largest city in Ireland and a fine example of unpretentious Irish culture. With ancient alleys tying Georgian buildings and modern structures together and countless traditional pubs hidden in between, this city is small enough to feel cozy and big enough for a hen party weekend of any size. Cork is nestled amongst rolling green hills and is far more 'indie' than Dublin. Famous for its fierce local pride and friendly vibe, this is the perfect place to cuddle up with good friends and hot toddies or to pull on your shortest skirt and make a splash in the clubs.


Pubs dominate the social scene in Cork (of course!), and you can take your pick between the traditional and the modern styles on your Cork hen weekend. It is home to a hopping craft beer scene and several microbreweries. The local drinks include Rebel Red, Stonewell Cider, and Guinness's main rival, Murphy's (and everyone will tell you how much better it is than that Dublin rubbish!). But pubs are not the only places where you'll be entertained around here. With plenty of nightclubs, theatres, and late bars, Cork has got what it takes to satisfy even the most insatiable party appetite. A Cork hen weekend starts off classy at the wine bar and end your night dancing wildly at a live show at the Crane Lane at 2am. There is no judgment in this town - just let your hair down and go!

A Cork hen weekend wouldn't be complete without some proper daytime activities and why not choose from our Cork hen do packages? When it comes to having a blast, this city doesn't disappoint. There's a multitude of activities to tickle your fancy and make a memorable weekend for any hen group - check out the luxurious spas, the historic English Market with its fresh local delicacies, the eye-popping vintage shops, and the famous local hot-chocolatier and indulge in some chocolate making of your own.

If you're a sightseer, check out St. Mary's and Saint Fin Barre's Cathedrals, or grab the train to Fota Island and commune with the giraffes and cheetahs (in separate enclosures, of course!). Eager to explore more? Pay a visit to Cork Harbour, world's second largest natural harbor, then go to the nearby town of Blarney and kiss the famous Blarney stone to get the 'gift of the gab', necessary for the night out afterwards!

A final word of precaution: Cork sneaks up on you and steals your heart when least expected, leaving you no other option but to surrender to its charm on you Cork hen weekend. Just be careful that you don't bring anyone home with you!

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