The Las Vegas hen do is legendary. It's one of those things that just has to be done. A dazzling adult playground with no competitors in sight for pure decadence, debauchery, and delight, Vegas is the place to live out every indulgent fantasy you've ever had. Day clubbing in enormous pools surrounded by palm trees, designer shopping, transcendent spa packages, seriously fun high-calibre male strip shows, and of course the world-famous casinos make this destination the single most outrageously luscious choice for the hen that has it all. Las Vegas is filled with so many different activities it would be impossible to select a few, so we have some Las Vegas hen weekend packages.

About Las Vegas

Whatever about New York: Vegas is the real city that never sleeps. World-famous as a party destination, and the entertainment capital of the planet, this city was built for your hen do. Called the "jewel of the desert", pretty much everything you can imagine is here, and it comes ready for every budget from cheap and cheerful to 5-star luxury. Visit Paris and Venice, get up close to lions and sharks, check out world-class strip shows featuring the best-looking performers in the world, all without leaving The Strip.

The most affordable flights are with Virgin Atlantic, which can take you from London or Manchester to Vegas for between £300-400 most times of the year. Flights take about 9 hours so catch some shut-eye while you can because you probably won't get much in Vegas… No rental cars needed if you just want to lounge about along the Strip, and if you want to go on the journey to the Grand Canyon, there are tons of tours to choose from. If you want the independence, though, snagging a sweet rental and cruising through the city is always a good choice.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

There's so much to do in this city and it's all right at your fingertips - anything you can imagine is right here for your pleasure: spectacular shopping, world-class pampering, epic bars, outdoor adventures and rides, and glittering casinos full of men ready to spend their money (and why shouldn't some of it get spent on you after all?). This is the original City of Sin, so break out your hottest mini and your highest heels and let the night take you!

See the stunning performers of Cirque du Soleil run rings around anything you've ever seen before, take a guided tour of the Strip, eat in some of the finest restaurants in the world, wander the "streets" of Paris, or get a ride on the Grand Canal at the Venetian - complete with singing gondolier. Nowhere on earth does high culture sit so easily with "low" culture as in Vegas, so get your fill of both at once on your Las Vegas hen weekend! Whether you go racing with exotic super cars or head to the shooting range for the American gun experience, it'll be an experience to remember.

As the night wears on, take in a mouth-watering male strip show (with private dancing if you want it), and then head out for some VIP treatment and tantalizingly delicious cocktails at the notoriously exclusive Vegas nightclubs. The Las Vegas hen do will stay on your mind for years to come, and you'll always treasure your time in this oasis in the desert with your besties. And remember, whatever happens in Vegas. 

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