Wroclaw (that's "Vrotslav" to you and me) is off the typical hen do weekend map, perfect for an adventurous hen and easy on the budget! With beautiful buildings, breathtaking canals, friendly locals, fantastic shopping, and legendary nightlife, Wroclaw is gearing up to be the next big hen weekend destination. Drinks are delightfully inexpensive, food options are endless, and you'll have a hard time tearing yourself away at the end of the weekend- so live it up while it lasts!

About Wroclaw

Sitting right on the River Odra, Wroclaw is a vibrant university town. The city was pretty well decimated in WWII - which makes the fact that it is now one of the most beautiful, exciting, and youthful cities in Poland all the more awesome. Lots of the Old Town managed to survive, and the 13th century market square is still a great place to sit with a beer and people-watch. Just FYI: this city has a thing for dwarves. Statues and graffiti of them are kind of everywhere. Before you freak out, the story is that they're the symbol of an anti-authoritarian, anti-communist group that got started in the '80s - they made a laughingstock of The Man, and the city loves them for it.

Ryanair can take you from London, Liverpool, Birmingham, or Bristol for £30 or less, and Wizz Air can get over for about the same if you plan a few months ahead. You'll be flying for about 2 hours before you touch down for a Wroclaw stag weekend for the ages. Getting around the city easy, and public transport is quick and efficient (taxis and rentals get caught in traffic all the time, but who's in a hurry?). For all the attractions in Old Town, all you need is your own two feet to see just about everything - only a couple of sights are far enough to need a bus, tram, trolley, or ferry (take the ferry to see the water and wildlife around the city).

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

If you've always known that your life was incomplete without a bout of Kalashnikov shooting, or trying your hand at dog-sledding, or taking off in a hovercraft - then get ready for wholeness and oneness to come upon you when you have a Wroclaw hen weekend, because it's all possible here! There is so much to do here, we have put together hen do packages in Wroclaw to make choosing easier for you.The more traditional, and always awesome, fare of laser games, go-karting, rafting, and bungee jumping is all right here and guaranteed to satisfy, as well. Take a cruise out on the river, through the canals on your hen weekend in Wroclaw (with or without some chiseled, hunky dancers to entertain you…. we think we know which way you'll go), and see the sights of this amazingly pretty little city from a new angle. You can take a guided tour on foot with a local guide or ride bikes through the city, too. The shopping is second to none, with funky little boutiques full of one-of-a-kind gems sprinkled in amongst designer shops and mainstream spots.

Wroclaw's got some pretty serious pride in its food and drink. Vodka is, of course, many people's go-to, but you can also go to a special wine-tasting session if that's what strikes your fancy while you are celebrating you hen weekend in Wroclaw. The old City Hall's basement houses one of the oldest restaurants in Europe, or you can always head out for a brewery dinner and beer tasting - never a bad choice! Then it's out on the town for a bar crawl that will leave everyone legless (Polish beer is famously strong - just get ready). People love their partying here, so slip on something fun and bring your dancing shoes for a glittering night of VIP-entry to the best clubs in the city! Get here before everyone else finds out how amazing a Wroclaw hen do can be!

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