Although not as popular as other Czech cities, Brno is still an up-and-coming, super cool and totally funky stag do destination. Everything is cheaper here, from the drinks to the clubs, and the huge groups of tourists haven't moved in yet, so it’s the perfect place for an off-the-radar stag weekend. This is the home of the World Motorbike Grand Prix, and it's that kind of energy that's pumping through the city all the time. But of course, you don't have to go to the Grand Pix, there are so many stag activities in Brno to choose from. The locals are generally reported to be way friendlier than pretty much anyone else in the Czech Republic, and lots of them speak English so you'll have better chances of chatting up the sexy Czech women on your nights out.

About Brno

Brno is the second city of the Czech Republic, and the medieval castles and fortresses show you how busy and important Brno has been over the last thousand years. It's a student city, so the nightlife is vibrant and free-spirited. Brno hosts Moravian folk festivals for a taste of times gone by, and for the biology geeks in your group, this is where Gregor Mendel basically figured out genetics. True story. Motorcycle racing is huge here, and every June Brno hosts an international fireworks festival, so there's something to suit all tastes here.

Brno is most easily accessible via London airports, where you can score a flight for about £20 with Ryanair. It's a zip over, flights taking about 2 hours. Brno is compact and the city centre is easily walk-able, and there is a reliable tram system in place if your feet get tired. Renting a car is fine if you want to get out of the city, but parking is stupid expensive in the city centre (though outside the centre, parking is often free if you don't mind hunting for it).

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

Though there are 29 districts in this time-warping city, all the highlights are close enough that you'll get there easily in just a day or two. If your stag is into the mysterious in history, Brno is home is brimming with fascinating stories and funky features like the Brno Ossuary. Right under your feet is the second largest underground catacomb system in the world (after Paris), and you can even get in to see some of it. If your tastes don't run in that direction, though, don't worry, mostly the city is young, colorful, and vibrant. When you are deciding on what to do on your weekend, consider looking at our Brno stag do packages. Enjoy a pool party with sexy strip show or take a booze cruise with dancers to entertain you.

Have a blast all day with a whole host of adrenaline-fueled stag adventures: go-karting, quad-biking, and target shooting are all here to give your group some male-bonding time before you head out on the town. With wine tasting for the sophisticated, hearty medieval-themed meals for the fun-lovers, and traditional contemporary Czech meals with beer pairings for the purists, Brno will treat you right when it comes to eating and drinking (you can even get a streak-and-stripper stag dinner). After you've prepped yourselves with hearty food, it's time to get down to business in the Old Town. Get limo service around the city with a stripper or lesbo show to work yourselves up, then go on a world-class bar crawl with absinthe shots on the menu. Get VIP club entry with local guides who'll make sure you get exactly what you want out of the night, and finish it off with strip shows, lesbian sex shows, or lap dancing clubs, everything is here to make a perfect Brno stag do!

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