Miami: blue skies, hot clubs, world-class beaches - it's called the "Magic City" for a reason! With warm, crystal-clear weather from November to April, the party will be on pretty much any time you go. The party is more laid-back than it is in, say, Vegas, but that's because partying is a way of life here - people practically live on the beach, they carry alcohol wherever they go (as long as it's not in glass), and heading out on the water to fish or cruise with booze is par-for-the-course (oh yeah, the best golf courses in the world are here, too, if that's your bag). So throw your trunks in a bag and get ready for the Miami stag weekend that won't be outdone. With multiple activities Miami hold you should definitely look at our Miami stag weekend packages!

About Miami

40 million people visit Miami each year because it's just that awesome. One of the major gateways between the US and Latin America, Miami's international flavour is spicy hot. Cuba is just a stone's throw away, and Cuban culture permeates this city: cigars, sexy women, great music and art, and infamous nightlife make Miami a dream destination for fun in the sun and clubbing all night. Topless sunbathing? Legal on Miami Beach, and really common along certain stretches. You'll know when you've arrived at the right place.

The least expensive flights take off from London and Manchester. With Virgin Atlantic or United, you can get there for about £300 if you have the time to pan ahead. If you're in a hurry you can get lucky with flights for about £400. Flying time is about 9 hours, so knock yourself out and get some rest before the crazy stag weekend starts!

Miami is an urban sprawl, so cars are king and public transport is mainly for locals. If you can manage driving on the wrong side, a rental will make life easier - but if you're planning to stick to South Beach, it's easy to get around on foot, by bike rental, or by taxi (or try Uber and Lyft for cheaper options).

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

You'll find a million exciting things to do in Miami - get knocked sideways with awe by the majestic beauty of the tropical fish at the 38-acre Seaquariaum, or get knocked sideways with awe by the majestic beauty of the strippers at Scarlett's. You can even go out on the water on a hovercraft - and why would you NOT do that?!? Experience the succulent flavours of Cuban cuisine on a food tour and laze around on the beach with your mates if you want to chill and relax - or go full-throttle and head to the Everglades to blow off some steam going hiking, getting airboat rides, or gator-wrestling. Seriously. Gator-wrestling. It's a thing. Charter a boat and go fishing - and most local restaurants will cook your catch for your dinner (for a fee, of course).

Remember that this is the home of the Mojito, so get ready for some wild nights (and days) fueled on delicious cocktails. Daytime partying is a way of life in Miami, but it's of the laid-back variety - the crazy doesn't start until the sun goes down. But that's no reason not to head to Clevelander's, Wet Willies, or the SLS Hotel to drink Miami Vices and Call-a-Cabs with a view of all the hotties on the beach. When night does fall, catch a buffet dinner at E11en, where you can eat your fill of pretty tasty free food - and watch strippers on poles at the same time. Then head out to the popular and group-friendly Club Space, open all night and into the next afternoon. If you're after bang for your buck, head to Baoili's where the epic Ladies' Nights serve up locals out to cut loose and play Ms. Wrong to your Mr. Right Now. A Miami stag do is a tantalizing epic that you are your mates will never forget. 

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