Beerhall with Lunch/Dinner (VT) Hen Weekend In Berlin

Germans are famous for their beer. But do you care to know why their beers are loved so much? Come enjoy a day out in the places where German beer is made. This activity is not just a tour. It is an opportunity for you and your friends to spend a quality time touring the city. This tour will see you visit four top brewers. Here you will get an opportunity to learn how beer is processed and packed. You will even get a chance to taste the different drinks during the different stages of production. If you love beer, then this is a must do. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two from the masters of brewing and maybe start your own microbrewery back home. 

Activity includes:

2 hour table reservation in beerhall, 1-course dinner : Halfcrispy chicken with Bavarian potato salad + 1 beer


2 Hours


1 Course


1 Beers


Full Time



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