For an extreme hen night on the town, you can't do much better than a Birmingham hen do. It isn't necessarily a postcard city, but that's not why you go there, you go for the party. Just as you'd expect from Led Zeppelin's hometown, the bars are second to none, the live music scene is top notch, and the clubs are hot and hopping. Still and all, Birmingham is a sophisticated city and bars are pretty good about their, no effort, no entry policy, so you don't have to worry about sketchy types ruining the evening for you! Brum hen activities, you'll be dizzy by the end of your hen night in Birmingham. Some of the best shopping in the UK and Birmingham's zaniest hen activities on the map make it an ideal destination for an original, fun-loving hen.


Birmingham is Britain's second largest city, and it's currently on the up and up, quickly outgrowing its industrial roots to become a popular destination city for shopping and culture. The arts are heavily represented, the museums are great, and the countryside is right at your doorstep in the form of beautiful parks and preserves, from the Botanical Gardens to the National Sea Life Centre. There is so much to do on your hen weekend in Birmingham, you will be spoilt for choice. The city is full of students and young professionals, always keeping the club scene vibrant and fresh. Birmingham is also the birthplace of the Balti, and you can even tour around the Balti triangle. Since the 90s, the city has been pedestrianized and is full of attractive walkways and modern buildings, it's easy to get around on foot, and public transportation is excellent for any jaunting further afield.


There's an insane variety of things to do in Birmingham because the city is so huge and has such great facilities. Yes, you can go paintballing and go-karting, but why stick with the traditional when there's so much out there for the adrenaline junkie to try? 4x4 driving too tame for you? How about 4x4 driving while blindfolded? Yep, it's a real thing, and yep, you can do it in Birmingham. Zombie boot camp or werewolf hunting? Again, real things. Again, Birmingham. Buggies, quad bikes, and bubble football are always good, but in Birmingham you can rent out a hovercraft or amphibious vehicle, go skiing or snowboarding, or drive a tank. It's just that kind of place. That's not to say that there isn't a sweet, mellow side to Birmingham. You can go for some serious luxury in one of the many excellent spas, shop in the famous jewellery quarter, take a boat tour down the canal, or spend an afternoon learning how to make chocolate. Or how to pole-dance. That's good, too. If you are looking to book a few activities, a Birmingham hen weekend package might be perfect for you.

Nights out in Birmingham are hard to beat. There's an alternative, indie vibe thriving right alongside the more mainstream club scene, you can't really go to Birmingham without checking out the ever-shifting Custard Factory. It's an iconic club- and boutique-space, and it has to be seen to be understood. Just go. Clubs range from classy jazz bars to house-techno palaces, so with a guide and VIP entry, you'll definitely find whatever it is you're looking for on this hen night! You'll even find some delightful male cabaret shows for some saucy late night entertainment. There's so much more to Birmingham than you might expect, so we won't ruin the surprise…but we will say this: chic cafes and waterfalls. Now go see everything else for yourself on your hen weekend in Birmingham!


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