Bubble Football (E) Hen Weekend In Birmingham

Are you a fan of football? Think you have the skills that can make Lionel Messi want to retire? Do you think you can retain the skills even when you get trapped in huge plastic balloons filled with air? Then you should try a round of Zorb football. As the perfect way to kick-start your hen weekend in Birmingham, Zorb football is the perfect combination between football and banger racing. Sounds like some fun? You don’t want to guess how fun it is. The activity starts with each girl getting into their bubble suit that restricts any kind of arm movement, meaning you will need a lot of balancing skills to pull off this one. Don’t get it twisted, you still need to bring your Ronaldo skills to score a goal. The rules are a bit different from normal football. You can push your opponents, roll all over the pitch as much as you wish and score even without touching the ball. The game is fun, adrenaline filled and most important of all, it brings the girls together like no other sport.

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