Dublin never ceases to amaze its hen do guests with its irresistible mix of Irish charm, big-city sophistication, and fantastic nightlife. The party capital of Ireland skillfully mixes all the best ingredients for a hen weekend to remember: cosy pubs, hip bars and nightclubs, great restaurants, and a lively atmosphere - all perfect Dublin hen weekend activities. So whether you're headed to Dublin on your hen do for the dancing, the shopping, or the cute Irish lads, you'll definitely find the craic in Dublin.

About Dublin

A Viking settling at its origins, Dublin is the capital of Ireland and one of Europe's top travel destinations, attracting millions of tourists each year. The city is best known for its impressive history, rich cultural heritage, beautiful buildings and striking nearby seaside, but there's much more to it than meets the eye: its true charm and character are given by its residents, famous for their openness and friendly attitude. So if you truly want to feel the intoxicating vibe on your Dublin hen weekend, find yourself some locals on a night out and join forces, you'll really immerse yourself in the city's atmosphere and experience its authenticity.

With an average flight time to Dublin of just over one hour, the best way to get there is by air. Since many budget airlines also fly to Dublin from all across the UK, bargain flights can easily be found throughout the year, making it a very accessible destination for a weekend hen do.

Navigating the city itself is also easy, with loads of transportation options available for every budget. The bus is a fast, reliable and cost effective way to travel around while the city tram is ideal for exploring the surroundings on you Dublin hen weekend. However, if you want to discover Dublin's hidden gems such as small music venues, quaint bistros, heritage pubs and flamboyant clubs, then walking is the best way to do it (bring your heels in your bag, though, lots of cobblestone streets)!

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

With so many famous hotspots and activities fit for the queen hen, a Dublin hen weekend will always be epic. This city is not meant for run-of-the-mill parties but for wild nights generously spiced with invigorating drinks, flirtatious locals, funky music (or traditional fare, if you swing that way) and, of course, the unmatched Irish humour.

The city's pulsating nightlife is best experienced in the Temple Bar area on the south side of the River Liffey. Here's is where you'll find plenty of distractions for you and your ladies, ranging from rowdy pubs to overflowing cocktail bars (with Buskers and Vintage Cocktail Club where you can do cocktail making, among the most famous) to fancy nightclubs.

If you're looking for a more relaxed atmosphere then you should definitely check out Grafton Street, home to some lovely wine bars and traditional pubs where you can treat yourself with a proper Guinness.The are so many different activities to choose from, sometimes it is easier to look at out Dublin hen weekend packages.

Daytime also provides plenty of opportunities to have fun and explore. River cruising, city tours, and whiskey tasting might take your fancy, or you can relax at the beautiful boutique lunch-spot, Bewley's Oriental Cafe on Grafton Street (one of the most iconic and popular restaurants in Dublin). Grafton street leads most anywhere you want to go in Dublin: buy fresh flowers from vendors along the way, check out the great shopping (Dublin is brimming with boutiques), and even pop into Dublin's Ladur'e for some macarons and other tasty French pastries!

Not-to-miss landmarks include the Guinness Storehouse, Kilmainham Gaol (Ireland's most famous prison), Dublin Castle, historic George's St. Arcade, the Liberties (where you'll find the best antique and art galleries), and Club M - Dublin's oldest club. If you're of a cultural bent, and want to explore on your Dublin hen weekend, entry to the museums and art galleries is free and there are some spectacular hidden gems in the National Museum of Archaeology.

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