Heading to Edinburgh for a hen weekend is always a good idea. Simmering right under the surface of this touristy, well-to-do city of mist and monuments is a sexy, feisty energy ready to blow - and you don't have to look very hard to find it! Behind the gimmicky ghost tours (which are actually pretty fun) and the pipers playing four tourists in the streets (which are also actually pretty fun) is a rich, ripe city full of friendly locals, amazing sights, and sparkling nightlife. You'll always remember forgetting everything when you take off on an Edinburgh hen do weekend! There are also plenty of awesome Edinburgh hen party packages available to make life a little easier.


With a well-established and vibrant cultural scene, an amazing (often gory) history written all over every surface, and plenty of opportunities to party, Scotland's romantic capital is supremely confident in its own awesomeness. The Royal Mile is both the ultimate tourist trap and the ultimate Edinburgh experience, so unless you have a doctor's note proving that you have acute agoraphobia, there's no avoiding it. The views, the exhibits, the stories - it's all too cool to ignore, so give in to your inner tourist (we all have one) and just have some fun. Who knows if half of what you'll hear in Edinburgh is actually true, but you'll have some pretty great tales to tell when you get home. Catch one of the city's many festivals if you can (the famously raucous Edinburgh Fringe is, of course, worth planning into your hen days and nights if you can). Even with the hills, it's easy to get about on foot or by tram - all the places you'll really want to go are pretty close to each other.


It's not all high tea and history in Edinburgh - there's tons to see and do on a hen weekend. The countryside all around is incredibly beautiful, and it's perfect for (you guessed, didn't you?) golf. This is the home of the game, so you really have no excuse not to give the ball a few whacks. There are plenty of prime locations for off-roading, quad-biking, and dune buggy racing, and pretty much any variety of paintball can be found up here. You can even head out for some white-water rafting or take off in a hovercraft - that's if you're not busy rolling around in a ridiculous game of zorb football. Get ready for the night with dance lessons and cocktail-making parties, or just kick back for a world-class spa day away from it all. Check out Princes Street for an amazing shopping spree and wander the dreamy cobblestone streets and people-watch at the trendy downtown cafes.

If we're making a "must" list for Edinburgh, a prime contender for first place is the inevitable whisky tour, which will give you a taste of the local flavours - and you'll be able to impress everyone at home with your newfound whisky expertise. Whisky just won't do it for you? Never mind, you can always opt for a session of tequila tasting to get everyone's head ready for the night to come. And the night is going to be amazing. Slither into your least sensible outfits, find some delicious munchies (Edinburgh is a famous enough destination that the food is second to none), and head out on the town to make some regrettable decisions with your besties by your side. The options for bar crawling are all but endless, and with guest list entry to the hottest, most stylish clubs in town, you'll be well on your way to an epic night of drinking, dancing, and forgetting all those pesky inhibitions. So bundle your hen away for a weekend of laughs, good times, and great memories!

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