Poznan perhaps the perfect destination for a hen weekend in Poland. It's got beautiful architecture, fashionable and friendly locals and tons of great hen do activities. The shopping is superb, the cultural attractions are left, right, and centre, and the clubs number into the hundreds, so nightlife is diverse, covering everything from your piano jazz club to your techno dance basement. So pack up a pair of sensible shoes for exploring and some strappy heels for the nights out, and check out this stylish Polish gem! 

About Poznan

Poznan is one of Poland's oldest (and biggest) cities. It's a great student town (with 130,000 students at University), and international businessmen and women are passing through constantly, so you know there's going to be some decent nightlife to keep them all occupied. In 2012, the Art and Business district of Poznan, Stary Browar, won the National Geographic Traveller competition as #1 of the seven "New Polish Wonders". The centre of Poznan's Old Town, Stary Rynek, is one of the finest medieval town squares on the continent and has been expertly rebuilt after the destruction of WWII. It's also the hub of all the best clubs and bars in town.

With some planning, you can get from London to Poznan for less than £20. Seriously. From Bristol and Liverpool, it's still only about £30 with Wizz Air or Ryanair. Flights take a painless 2 hours. Once you're there, all you need to do is walk. There is reliable bus and tram service, but buses don't go all the way into the city centre, and the whole system isn't all that straightforward. You should be fine if you get a pack of about ten 15-minute tickets - each one will take you less than 5 stops, but that should really be all you need. Large luggage counts for another ticket, but small bags don't (it matters because you have to validate your ticket(s) as soon as you get on a bus or tram). Confused yet? Bring comfy shoes and just walk it!

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

Poznan's loooong history means that it's a fascinating cultural mishmash of styles and eras, so you'll be walking down the street and suddenly there will be an amazing, historic square opening out right in front of you. The Historical Museum of Poznan is a wonder - and even if you're not a history-loving group, you should still head over at noon to see the building's set of mechanical goats that come out and butt heads at the clock strikes the hour. You won't find a better shopping city in the entire country - there are mainstream options right beside fabulous boutiques and vintage shops spilling out treasures. The Stary Browar building is particularly renowned for its eclectic and classy mix of cafes, shops, and art, and is a must-visit spot while you're in the city.

There's plenty to do to satisfy your hen-do needs as well - and your options go far beyond go-karting for your group's speed demons and the paintballing for your competitive lasses. How about a little skydiving, wakeboarding, or (if it's wintertime) skiing or dog-sledding? Because of Poland's relatively relaxed laws, you can even go out to the range to shoot the big guns (Glocks, AK47s, and so on), even if it's only so you can always say you did it! There are, of course, more relaxed options in Poznan - tours, massages and spa treatments, and delicious meals with great wine are all available to you so you can take the weekend to simply bask and pamper!

When the sun goes down and the cafes and shops settle up for the night, the clubs and bars burst open and stay jamming all night until the last of their customers stumble out - if you're still there, odds are the barman will keep your glass full. Lech Beer is the star of this show, and you can buy it in any establishment in Poznan to get a taste of local life. There are so many bars to choose from that you'll be able to find exactly the music and atmosphere that makes you happy, and with VIP entry to some of the best clubs in town, there's no way this night won't be perfect. You can even hire a limo complete with sexy stripping hunk to take you around the town. The hen will thank you for taking her to Poznan!

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