Valencia is a sumptuous city for any hen to enjoy her last nights of freedom: centuries of history, gorgeous surroundings, delicious food, classy clubs, and even beaches right there for you to lay out and relax on - what more could you want for some quality time with your hen before she ties the knot? Spanish men are notoriously sexy and good-humoured, so take your group out for some nights of free-flowing fun in this beautiful and charming locale. It's perfect for a delicious getaway that your group will remember forever! There are a lot of activities to think about for your hen weekend in Valencia check out hen weekend packages!

About Valencia

Valencia is overflowing with history, and the ultra-modern architecture perches right beside winding gothic streets. It's also the hometown of Spain's most famous dish: Paella Valenciana. City beaches offer a gorgeous place to cool down in the sunshine, and the siesta is an incredibly important feature of life in Valencia, so expect everything to close down between 1.30pm to 4.30pm (except the occasional tapas bar, of course). Some people claim it's to get out of the heat, but we think it's just everyone's excuse to get ready to party all night.

Plan ahead to get a flight for about £30 from London, Manchester, or Bristol to Valencia. EasyJet and Ryanair often have specials, and flying time is just 2 hours. It's easy to get about on foot once you've hit the hotel, but Valencia is very flat so bicycling is a popular option, too. If you want to get out of Valencia for a daytrip, you can hire a car or a moped - but buses are usually the safer option if you're not used to the crazy driving in Spain!

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

If you go to Valencia, there are some things you really have to do: go to the largest aquarium in the world, taste the wines (Spain is the 3rd-largest wine producer in the world, after all), gorge on tapas, get a flamenco or salsa lesson (probably before the wine-tasting/tapas-gorging), and spend the night out practicing your new moves with the local hotties in the banging Valencia clubs! Why not do it all?!?! And if you happen to be going in August, you're not allowed to miss the Tomatina Festival (basically the biggest food fight in the world).

If your hen is the outdoorsy type, there are plenty of adventures to take her on for some prime girl time. Go kayaking in the mountains, take the group paintballing, or play for the day on the beach. You can even go canyoning or jet skiing and get a feel for the Spanish countryside while you laugh away the afternoon. If you want some hardcore relaxation, go for a luxurious spa day complete with bubbly for everyone to get ready for the night.

Happily, Spanish men love to show off. And happily, if you have a Valencia hen do, you can take advantage of that fact in loads of ways. Hire some sexy entertainment for a limo ride around town, go for a three-course meal served by gorgeous Spaniards in the buff, or hire in a special private show to embarrass the hen before she ties the knot! Then it's out on the town for guest-list entry to the hottest clubs in the city to make this the spiciest hen night you've ever tasted! 

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