Bowling (VT) Hen Weekend In Warsaw

If you are going on a hen weekend with girls you have not met for a long time, then you will need to an icebreaker activity that will get everyone acquainted with each other. Bowling is one such activity. It is relaxed, fun and provides you with a lot of time to catch up with each other. Our bowling alley of choice is state of the art with other social amenities available. The hall has a restaurant that you and your friends can grab snacks from as you throw ball. To make it more interesting, the hall has soothing music and lighting. Who knows, one of you ladies can meet one of the many charming lads and kick start another relationship… who knows, this might be the start of the next hen weekend. We will provide an English speaking guide to help you move around and probably give you one or two tips.

Activity includes:

1 Hour Game, Up To 20 Lanes, Max 5 People in One Lane, Bowling Shoes





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