Bowling (VT) Stag Weekend In Berlin

Well, if you are off to a stag do weekend where some of the guys don’t know each other, then you are better off trying bowling as the ice-breaker activity. You don’t want a stag weekend where some lads are not speaking with each other. Bowling might be a very unusual stag do, but it's a great way to bring everyone together. It is normal for men to be competitive, when the pins are set and balls are out, the battle lines are drawn and only the strongest men will survive. When the lads wear their game faces, you know the ultimate stag weekend in Berlin has begun. Bring on a few beers and the banter will begin! Our bowling alleys are modern state the art establishments with music and pretty of refreshments. 

Activity includes:

1 Hour Game, Up To 5 Lanes, 4 - 6 People Per Lane, Bowling Shoes


2 Hours




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