Brighton stag do is a classic. Its charms hit like a hammer, so there's no better place to enjoy your stag weekend activities than in Brighton. Here you can kick back in the sunshine for some recovery on your morning after. Perfect for a decadent debauch, this is Britain's capital of good, clean (and by clean we mean dirty) fun. Bohemian and buzzing, Brighton is stuffed with bars and clubs that never empty out. This city is super liberal, epically chill, and teeming with artist types that know how to make the party happen. With a beachside funfair on your stag weekend, gorgeous girls that know how to get down, and basically any beer you can imagine. 


This was once a lazy fishing village, but with the 19th-century craze for seaside healing, Brighton quickly boomed into life and has never let up, it quickly became very popular for stag do weekends. These days, it's the hometown of the cool crowd, they basically took everything awesome about London, distilled it, and set it right next to the water. It's gotten to be an incredibly popular place for serious stagging, and it's getting hotter all the time. Who doesn't want to run around the seaside like kids all day and then get down to adults-only business all night? The Clocktower is the city centre's main landmark, and everyone gives directions relative to that spot, so get your bearings by it and you'll be able to find anything. If you go in May, catch the Brighton Festival (second only to the Edinburgh Fringe) for crazy shows, street performers, and general mayhem all over the city.


There's tons of stuff to do all day and night here, and you can find something for any taste. If you don't want to choose, you could always enjoy multiple stag do activities with our Brighton stag do party packages. It's the home of the oldest working aquarium in the world, complete with underwater tunnel exhibits. Oh, and there's a nude beach nearby, but we're sure upstanding gentlemen like you have no interest in that kind of thing (…it's just a little to the east). Water sports are of course always popular here, and this beach is particularly great for surfing so get everyone together for a lesson and see who can stay up the longest…

With karting, clay-pigeon shooting, paintball and airsoft, 4x4 driving, dune buggy racing, and assault courses to choose from, there's no way you won't get the adrenaline pumping on a stag weekend in Brighton, but if you're after a simpler, more laid-back style, you can head out on the pristine golf course or set up a few friendly bets on greyhounds or horses. Beer, however, is not optional. The only optional part is how geeky you want to get about it, because you can find everything from your basic bar fare to intense artisanal brew selections (for the latter, head to Craft, a quirky establishment for the discerning beer guzzler).

At night, the city blasts into overdrive, with tight networks of clubs, bars, and pubs in the centre of things so you don't have to go far to get from one fantastic venue to another. Whether you're looking for a comedy night, some classy bourbon tasting, or a serious gourmet dinner to satisfy even the neediest of foodies, Brighton's got you covered. And if tonight's the night for a bar crawl with sexy local escorts, well, then, you're golden there, too. VIP entry to any number of amazing clubs is up for grabs here (you're really spoiled for choice), and after all that, well, you know where you're going. Brighton is home to a delicious variety of strip shows and gentleman's clubs, so whether speakeasy-style burlesque floats your boat, or you're just after the dirtiest show you can find, it's all ready and waiting for you on a Brighton stag weekend, so cut the stag a break and get there already! 

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