Shooting - 5 Guns (37 Rounds) (SM) Stag Weekend In Budapest

One thing you will want to do in Hungary is to take advantage of their laid back gun laws. When you go visiting Budapest for your stag weekend, you will want to carry with you your gun shooting skills. Forget about COD or any other electronic shooting game you play. In Budapest you do the real thing. With real guns. And not just any other gun. We are talking about military grade assault weapons. Guns that will make you think that you are in a warzone in Iraq or Afghanistan. They are several different guns you can choose from range from small side pocket 9mm pistols to high-end assault rifles with a higher calibre. The following packages are available;

Activity includes:

 10x MCM semi!automatic pistol ! 10x Cz 75/Glock 17 semi!automatic pistol ! 6x Taurus 357 Magnum revolver ! 5x pump!action shotgun ! 6x AK!47


1-2 Hours



Round of Beer


full time



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