If Poland is on your radar, then a Gdansk stag do should be at the top of your list. It's become a popular stag destination in recent years thanks to the cheap beer, the vodka tastings, the bar crawls, and the seriously swanky nightclubs right next door in Sopot. There are so many fun stag weekend activities in Gdansk. It's also a beautiful city with charming architecture, compelling history, oh yeah, and a beach right there full of hot women. Polish women are notoriously beautiful, the guns here are no joke, the Gdansk breweries are open for tours, and the nightlife is banging. 

About Gdansk

Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia (known as the Tri-City) pull visitors from all over Poland, Europe, and the world - it's a brilliant city for tourists. Though much of it was destroyed in WWII, it was splendidly rebuilt in the aftermath, and is now one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in Poland. Full of museums, archeological interests, and architectural wonders from the last thousand years, there is also a massive coastline right in the city made up of sandy beaches where you can swim, sail, and unwind in the sunshine; A very relaxing way to start your stag weekend in Gdansk.

Gdansk is easy to reach from all over the UK, and most of the budget airlines can take you there. Plan ahead and you'll catch a plane in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, or Edinburgh for well under £40. Flights take just over 2 hours and the airport isn't far from the city centre. Once you're settled in, the city is fairly compact, and tram lines can take you everywhere you want to go on your Gdansk stag do (and you can check the schedules on their English site!), and they're cheap, regular, and easy to use. Keep your eyes open for pickpockets and over-friendly strangers, though, just like at home.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

Everything you ever wanted to do on a stag weekend is here for you, we have Gdansk stag party packages that can help you choose the perfect way to celebrate your weekend: go-karting and quad-bikingpaintballing and target shooting, and even more off-the-wall outdoor fun like river snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and parasailing are all right nearby for you to try out on your Gdansk stag do. You can go wine-tasting, beer-tastingvodka-tasting, or even absinthe-tasting, learn to make fantastic cocktails of your own, or learn how to make authentic Polish pierogis to impress the womenfolks back home. Or maybe it's better not to think about them at all, at least not for tonight…

Gdansk isn't afraid to get naughty, so why should you? Strippers for your limo rides or nude waitresses for your lads-only dinner can all be arranged for your stag weekend entertainment, and you can always get a private dancer to take care of the stag on his last nights of freedom. Over in Sopot, the clubbing is the best in Poland: the super-fashionable Sfinx club and always-popular Viva Night Club are exclusive and demand their patrons to be well-dressed so make sure you look neat so you can go mingle with the beautiful people on your Gdansk stag weekend! End the night at Gdansk's most popular strip club, where there are all the naked girls you could possibly want ready to take care of your needs, and embarrass the pants off the stag (if he's lucky!).

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