Escape Room Stag Weekend In Gdansk

Who is the wittiest of the boys? If you have ever entered into an argument with the boys on who between the lads is the wittiest, then you will have to take this activity to settle the argument once and for all. In this activity, you will be locked in a room and the only way you are going to get out is by solving a series of puzzles. You can take this challenge as a group or individually. This will be the ultimate test to determine who is the wittiest of them all. If you want to add a twist to the game, you can make a rule that compels the guy who comes last to stay indoors for the rest of the weekend. 

Activity includes:

  • 1 Hour Of Escape Room Experience - 4 Thematic Rooms
  • Different Tasks to Complete
  • Gadgets
  • Sound and Visual Effects


1 Hour


Not Included


Not Included


1 Way


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