Europe's city of forbidden pleasures, the port of Hamburg has been a stop-off point for centuries for lads looking for a good time on their stag do. The biggest port in Germany is home to the most famous Red Light District, the Reeperbahn (outside of Amsterdam), so a stag weekend in Hamburg is perfect. Today it's a major commercial centre and has lost none of its vibrant, melting pot atmosphere. Everyone is welcomed here with many great activities to choose from.

About Hamburg

The largest port city in Germany, Hamburg is an urban commercial centre, but two-thirds of its area is made up of green parks, waterways, and even a beach dotted with bars to hang in to kick start your Hamburg stag do. A metropolis by any standard, Hamburg is nonetheless a laid-back and friendly city, and has more resident millionaires than any other city in Germany, so you know the shopping and luxury will be second-to-none. The restaurants here are amazing too, enjoy an upmarket meal and drinks to begin your weekend. Tourism is growing faster here than anywhere else in Germany, so there is great infrastructure for visitors and plenty of help on hand to make sure you see what you want to see and get where you want to go for your stag weekend.

EasyJet can get you to Hamburg from Edinburgh, London, or Manchester for less than ££30. Time in the air is less than 1.5 hours, so you'll be settling in for your Hamburg hen weekend almost as soon as you take off. Once you're landed there are apartments specifically for large stag groups ideally located for the Reeperbahn that won't cost too much.

The overground and underground metro system makes life easy for getting round the city, and there are also regular buses and ferries to take you across the waterways (and they all operate off one ticket). It's also an extremely bike-friendly city if you fancy a cycle, and of course there are taxis, happily, relatively inexpensive and they take credit cards. For a more extravagant stag do weekend, consider booking a limousine

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

If you are not sure what you want to do on your stag do, our Hamburg weekend packages might help. Popular options for Hamburg stag dos in the daytime include checking out the Russian submarine U-434, formerly of the North Sea Fleet and now docked up on the river Elbe, shooting some clay pigeons, and getting on the track for some go-karting on one of the two circuits in the city. Or you can take advantage of the knockout ticket prices in the Bundesliga and take in a game at Hamburger SV for a third of what you'll pay at a typical Premier League game. The average ticket price in the Bundesliga comes out at around £11, not bad, eh?

The beers pretty well-priced too for a major European city. You'll pick up a pint for not much more than £2. And boy do they know a thing or two about beer in Hamburg. The city is home to the Groningen and Holsten breweries and hosts beer festivals throughout the year. You can sort out guided tours of the Holsten Brewery for up to 25 guys for 7 Euros each on your Hamburg stag weekend. Lessons on the production processes and raw materials are followed by the inevitable tasting session. Keeping your stomach well-lined or fighting off that morning headache are pretty easy too. German cuisine is perfect for prepping for a big night-out, there are pretzel stalls and bratwurst sellers all over the place to keep you well charged-up and ready to hit the clubs later in the evening.

And so to the main event…Hamburg's nightlife. Beyond the Reeperbahn the Sternschanze district is packed with bars and clubs. But for the really wild stag weekend entertainment head to Europe's biggest Red Light District, the place where The Beatles started out, and be ready for brothels, sex shows, the museum of the erotic, and top-notch nightclubs like the Grosse Freiheit 36 playing the best dance tracks in Europe. Guided tours of the Reeperbahn, VIP entry, private rooms and lap-dancers, lesbian shows…all can be arranged. And if you want to get out on the water for a private cruise through what is the largest warehouse district in the world you can set off with a well-stocked bar and some female entertainment, you can do all that and more on your hamburg stag weekend…   

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