With its consistently top-rated nightlife, why wouldn't you go to Leeds for a stag weekend?! Famous nightlife, tons of students, sexy northern girls out to party, and enough drink to drown the most determined beasts, you can't go wrong with a Leeds stag do. It's been a popular party-station for decades, but it's not the least bit run down or tired - in fact, it's one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK, with new hotpots springing up all the time. On the classy end of the spectrum for party cities, Leeds is still a fierce contender for best nightlife in the country, so gather your stag group and smash your way up there for an unforgettable stag do. Also we offer a Leeds stag do package, filled with different Leeds activities.

About Leeds

Voted the UK's favourite city in 2013, Leeds has only gotten better over the years. There's been tons of support for the development of the city, so the centre is bustling, modern, and attractive (with healthy remnants of Georgian and Victorian architecture sprinkled throughout). There are tons of theatres, museums, trendy bars and cafes, and the fact that the city is full of students ensures that the clubs and bars are always hopping - and open late enough for everyone to go mad. It's easy to get around on foot during the day, and the cabbies won't fleece you come nightfall so you don't have to wander home if you get completely wrecked.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions 

Leeds is never quiet, and there's plenty to see and do all day so you aren't just waiting for the night to start. Leeds people are intensely proud of their city's reputation as the UK's party destination and they welcome new faces without any of that snooty attitude you might find elsewhere - locals are down-to-earth, witty, and easy to get along with. It's a punter's paradise (just remember to dress like a decent human being because that Leeds pride extends to everything!).

On a Leeds stag weekend, you'll be right next to the insanely gorgeous Yorkshire Dales to satisfy all your outdoor adventuring desires. Apart from the tried-and-true stag activities of paintballinggo-karting, dune buggy racing, and quad-racing, you can get kind of crazy with all the facilities in Leeds. As in, learn some stunt driving techniques, go rally driving, or live out your hover-crafting fantasies. Get your mates together and play some 5-a-side football or go up a high ropes course to test your limits. More laid-back activities are all over the place in Leeds, too: go golfing, learn to make cocktails and pizzas to impress the girls back home, or go watch the races and set some friendly bets (winners buy the drinks!).

You'll be spoiled for choice when you're looking for great bars, and you can always go the classy gents' route and hold a bourbon or tequila tasting and pretend it's only about the flavours. Then take your winnings from the horses out for a casino night with the lads - so you'll have plenty to tip with later (you know you'll need it!). You can get some sexy local knowledge with guides to take you for a marathon bar crawl before you step out into any of the incredible central clubs. Or maybe it's already time to make your way straight to the lap dance club - why wait for it? And with guest list entry, there will be literally no wait at the door - you're in as soon as you get there. Leeds is big enough that it can comfortably house major strip clubs designed to enthusiastically fulfil every eye-candy fantasy you've ever had. So go explore what Leeds has to show you.

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