London: greatest city in the world? Quite possibly. Is it the greatest city in the world for a stag do? Absolutely. With the best of everything, from the restaurants to the museums to the nightlife to the women, you'll find that there's always something incredible happening on a London stag weekend: the city never fails to perform for its visitors. It's impossible to resist the energy and excitement of the city night or day, so why try? Just get out there with your fellow stags, recognize that the city is your oyster, and eat it raw. Too spoilt for choice? Opt for one of our London stag party packages. 

About London 

With a famous sight around every corner, you can find something for every taste and every budget in London. Anything you want to do, anything you want to see, anywhere you want to go: London sets the bar. It's been a centre of commerce and culture for well over a thousand years, and you can feel the rich history all around. And yes, that's great, but that's not what your stag do is going to be about! A London stag do is going to be about drinking amazing beer and making great memories for your stag weekend- and it's so easy to do that in a city like London, where amazing things are piled on top of each other in the city centre. The tube is the best way to get from A to B, and it's famously simple to navigate. Why can't they all be this straightforward? The only problem with London is that once you get a taste of the best of everything, nowhere else will ever seem quite so quality.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions 

Whether you want to go sightseeing to be able to say you saw x many of the countless major London attractions, you're after an avant-garde stag experience, or you just want to settle in for a solid drinking session and some old-fashioned fun, London has you covered. You can take the tourist trail and see Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, and on and on, for days on end if that's what makes you happy. You can go to the best circus shows in the world, get drinks at the Ice Bar (where everything is, surprise surprise, made of ice), and eat at Dans Le Noir, where food is served in the dark by blind waiters. Or you can go paintballinggo-karting, beer crawls, quad-biking, or any of the other traditional stag activities that strike your fancy. Go play football, try out water sports, learn about wine or champagne or tequila and guzzle the samples, head out to the races and place some friendly bets - nothing's off limits here.

At night, this city contends with New York for lack of sleep - the bright lights stay on all night and the clubs don't let up until the wee hours. Whether you prefer your entertainment more West End or slightly more red light, you'll find a way to scratch that itch. The theatre scene never lets up, consistently dazzling the entire world, and the gorgeous dancers you'll find in the lap dancing clubs here are going to be the most ridiculously sexy you've ever seen. It's impossible to quantify the level of cool that's waiting for you on your London stag do, so get ready for a party you're never going to forget.

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