Poznan is pretty much the sexiest option if you're looking for a stag weekend in Poland. It's got beautiful architecture, beautiful women, cheap beer, great football - and it's not overrun by tourists. Stag do activities here are a must - with your standard paintballing and go karting, to the more extreme. Nightlife is diverse, covering everything from your piano jazz club to your techno dance basement. Lech Beer is the star of the show, and you can buy it in any establishment in Poznan to get a taste of how the locals live. When Poznan hosted the Euro 2012, Polish ex-pats in Ireland were worried that their Irish pals would destroy themselves on cheap, strong Polish beer, and actually gave crash-courses in how to handle it. And if that isn't a dare, we've never heard one. 

About Poznan

Poznan is one of Poland's oldest (and biggest) cities. It's a big student town (with 130,000 students at University), and international businessmen and women are passing through constantly, so you know there's going to be some decent nightlife to keep them all occupied. In 2012, the Art and Business district of Poznan, Stary Browar, won the National Geographic Traveller competition as #1 of the seven "New Polish Wonders". The centre of Poznan's Old Town, Stary Rynek, is one of the finest medieval town squares on the continent and has been expertly rebuilt after the destruction of WWII. It's also the hub of all the best clubs and bars in town. If your stag has a thing for trains, then he should know that Poznan is home to the last steam-hauled passenger service in Europe.

With some planning, you can get from London to Poznan for less than £20. Seriously. From Bristol and Liverpool, it's still only about £30 with Wizz Air or Ryanair. Flights take a painless 2 hours. Once you're there, all you need to do is walk. There is reliable bus and tram service, but buses don't go all the way into the city centre, and the whole system isn't all that straightforward. You should be fine if you get a pack of about ten 15-minute tickets - that'll take you less than 5 stops. Large luggage counts for another ticket, but small bags don't (it matters because you have to validate your ticket(s) as soon as you get on a bus or tram). Just walk, is basically what we're saying.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

There are really only three things that you can't leave Poznan without doing: the football, the beer, and the women. Visit the INEA stadium, home of Lech Poznan, and catch some video of the group doing the "Poznan dance" right in its birthplace. Then head out for some other stag party staples to lap up between downing £2 pints and ogling local beauties: paintballing in the Polish forest, go-karting on and off the track, target shooting (with the big guns, Magnums, Clocks, Colts, AK 47s, Uzis….), 4x4 off-roading - or golf, if you want a more relaxing pace. Lake Malta, a manmade lake in the middle of Poznan, is surrounded by ways to blow off steam: ski or skate on the man-made slopes and ice rink, go rowing, or rent bikes to ride around the perimeter. Take a brewery tour and see how the Polish get the beer-making job done, then taste what's on offer. Beer festivals are new in Poznan, but they're set to grow, with a major festival in November featuring craft and specialty brews from all over the country.

When the sun goes down and the cafes and shops settle up for the night, the clubs and bars burst open and stay jamming all night until the last of their customers stumble out - if you're there, odds are the barman will keep your glass full. Snag a guided bar crawl with a sexy local to take you to the best venues in the city so you won't waste any time getting to business tasting local liquor and experiencing down-to-earth Polish bar culture. Put on your lucky pants and head to the casino for some classic-cool, good-natured gambling to rustle up some winnings to tip the sexy dancers at the lap dancing club - you don't need us to tell you that it has to be done…

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