Riga has become one of the most popular stag weekend destinations looking for seriously gorgeous women, luxurious surroundings, and crazy nights out. Riga is a perfect place to go all year round - there are so many great stag do activities in Riga and it's easy on a budget - food, accommodation, and especially beer are all incredibly cheap here. Drink like the locals and try the ancient, seriously strong Black Balsam liqueur (so special that the recipe's a secret) - it's the basis of many a delicious cocktail!

About Riga

Latvia's capital city is gaining ground as one of the most popular stag destinations in Eastern Europe. It's one of these fascinating mixtures of medieval city and Soviet influence, and the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A sporting wonderland in winter and a warm, lazy summer paradise, Riga is the perfect getaway city to celebrate and try new things. The rules (don't drink in the street or buy drugs, for example) are strict all over Eastern Europe, so play by them and everyone will have a great game. Some bars are Latvian-only, but most places are open and friendly with tourists. Learn a couple of Latvian phrases and you'll get on great with the locals.

Flying into Riga is simple with Wizz Air and Ryanair, which can get you there from London, Manchester, or Liverpool for under £30 if you plan ahead. Flights take just 2.5 hours so you'll be settling in in no time for the Riga stag do for the ages. Once you're there, Old Town is the place to wander, eat, and drink, and it's all compact enough to explore on foot. Buses and trams are easy and reliable if you need to get between Old and New Town. The Freedom Monument is a huge column-shaped memorial in the centre of the city, and it's a great landmark to find your way around the city - you'll be able to see it anywhere you go.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

Hit the ground running with a party bus from the airport into the city, complete with champagne and strippers to lap dance you all the way to your hotel. Once you get in, there are tons of sights to see in this historic city. Apart from the castles and cathedrals of the Old Town, you have to visit the Central Market, Europe's largest covered market, which celebrates traditional crafts and skills. The market's so huge you can get guided tours, and you can buy everything from amber and lace to pig's snouts and hemp butter.

In the winter, snow sports are the main attraction: go skiing or play with snowmobiles - maybe even go bobsledding! The summer's amazing too - canoeing, rafting, and you can even go jet-packing on the water if you want. Pick a few activities or choose one of our Riga activity packages. True story. Traditional stag-fare like go-karting, bowling, and clay-pigeon shooting are also available to get the fellas together as a team before you head out on the town.

steak dinner with a strip show? Why not?! Then it's out on the town for a bar crawl tailored to your tastes, and VIP entry to the swishest clubs in town with a great local guide to keep you happy. The nightlife is world-class, with everything from Irish pubs to burlesque shows to casino clubs. If you've got a sadistic streak, get the stag arrested by the "police", watch him freak out as they blindfold him and cuff him to a post, and then watch the relief on his face as hot naked chicks appear with drinks to give everyone a happy ending to the night.

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