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About Bratislava

Slovakia's capital city is an absolute gem for stag party weekends. Cheap flights, even cheaper beer, plenty of gorgeous women and top-notch nightlife make Bratislava one of the up-and-coming stag do destinations on the map of Europe and perfect for those looking for a weekend jam packed with Bratislava stag do activities. It's already a favorite for adrenaline junkies looking for one last hoorah before tying the knot!

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About Bratislava

Slovakia's capital city, Bratislava offers a mixture of cultural attractions: the white-walled castle that dominates the city and the gothic Old Town will take you back in time, while the funky UFO-shaped Novy Most Bridge restaurant will bring you right back into quirky modernity on your Bratslavia stag weekend. The city is right at the base of the Carpathian mountains, which are easily accessible for day-hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter. While you're in Bratislava on your stag do weekend, you have to try bryndzove halusky, the national dish of Slovakia; it's a delicious kind of cheesy, bacon-y gnocchi; and drink the cheap local lager and sweet wine.

Most UK airports service Bratislava, but your least pricey option is to fly Ryanair from London or Liverpool at about £25. The flight only takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes, so you can get started partying in next to no time. If you think you'll want a bus ride here or there, buy a pack of bus tickets at the airport so you don't have to worry about it later when you are trying to enjoy your stag weekend, they definitely speak English at the airport, but they don't necessarily speak it everywhere else. Most everything you'll want to see is in Old Town and it's an easy, pedestrian-friendly area. If you want to rent a car to go further afield, try to avoid parking in Old Town; it gets expensive fast, and it's just as easy to get the bus into town.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

Bratislava is a big beer and sporting city. If you need a few hours entertainment in an afternoon or early evening, then tickets for SK Slovan are a drop in the ocean compared with Premier League prices. And ice hockey is a huge draw in Slovakia with three arenas and teams playing in the major continental championship. Other sporting activities are available here too, things like 5 a side football, and clay pigeon shooting can be done on your stag weekend. Look at our Bratislava stag weekend packages for all this and more. 

When it comes to stag weekend activities in Bratslava, you're spoilt for options. Bobsledding down the courses of the foothills of the Little Carpathians is ridiculously good fun. Go up on the cable car, then down at high speed with a beer waiting for you at the end. Quad bike competitions, AK 47shooting, or 30 minutes of flooring it around a circuit in a go kart can also be sorted out.

There are microbreweries dotted all over the city, most of them with their own beer cellar where you can sample the wares and pick up some food on your stag weekend in Bratislava. Look out for Zamocky Pivovar, Mestiansky Pivovar and the Starosloviensky Pivovar. In fact, if it's got Pivovar in the name you'll find beer inside! For something a bit upmarket the Little Carpathian Wine Route is now firmly entrenched as a stag party favourite. Guides and transport can be sorted out to take you through the vineyards that surround the city, with tastings arranged to sample the best local vintages.

That's if you're feeling like a relaxed jaunt through the local drinking culture on your stag do in Bratislava. The wilder side of Bratislava can be found in the bars and clubs of the Old Town. A traditional Slovak dinner with strippers, absinthe and vodka to follow can be arranged, or you can hit the Danube for a cruise with booze and girls thrown in to keep you entertained on the stag night out. 




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Bratislava Stag Weekend ideas


  • Experience Booze Night - Pubs and Club with Unlimited Beer
  • Join Tour To Brewery With Meal
  • Paintball Outdoor - 400 Balls With Snack
  • Relax with Daily Spa Wellness
  • Challenge your Friends with High Ropes Adventure


Tour guides and river cruises along the Danube will show you the surface of the Slovakian gem, but just as your adventure starts to unfold you will naturally get magnetized to numerous other attractions that this city hides very well.


In such a well-connected city It’s more than enjoyable to try different options in just one night to fulfill the expectations that we all have before the arrival. But, Bratislava proves to be much more than that.


Event calendar

  • June

    Cultural summer and the Castle festival, Bratislava Coronation Days, Viva Musica! Festival, Use the C!TY festival

  • July

    Pohoda Festival

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