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Goggle Football in Bournemouth

When you hear the word ‘goggle’ what do you immediately think of? Well, throw that idea out of your head. This is something you’ve never seen before and boy, should you be excited about it! Combining the mundane task of wearing goggles and playing football, and goggle football is born. It’s like being drunk, but without the hangover! Regardless of if you think you’re the next Ronaldo or Messo, this activity can guarantee many a mis-kick and we can probably bet a few of you will spend most of the game on the floor. On arrival you’ll all get your hands on our specially designed goggles - let the distortion begin!

Goggle Football Options

Option 1
  • Event Coordinator who acts as a Referee 
  • 10 Visual Impairment Glasses 
  • Variety of games 
  • Team Bibs 
  • Pitch hire 
  • Group photo 


Additional Information:

  • Sports footwear is advised 
  • Shower and changing facilities available on site 
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