Airsoft - Indoor 900 Balls (VT) Hen Weekend In Prague

If you are looking for mad combat fight, then this is it. Airsoft combat uses authentic M16 assault rifles that can fire up to 800 rounds a minute. What is more interesting is that the rifle can be used in either automatic, semi-automatic and single shot mode. Other than the weapon, the game is played just like paintball; there are different missions to complete. For instance, you may be split into platoons to fight each other or defend a flag. In this activity, we will take you to an authentic environment of a building recreated to function as an arena. You and your friends will have an opportunity to learn different combat manoeuvres and weapons but most important of all, you will have fun. On the event day, we will pick you up from the hotel (optional) to the arena. Here you will be introduced to the weapons and the arena and after a safety briefing, the instructor will let you battle each other. Who among you will be the last woman standing?

Activity includes:

2 Hour Tactic Game, G17 Gun, 900 Balls, All Equipment, Protective Glasses, Instructor, 1 Beer Per Person




1 Beer


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