Prague, simply known as the king of stag activities around the world,having a population of 1.25 million while tourists more than 4.4 million a year is why it is best place to be to enjoy a stag event.The Czech capital us the perfect location that exhibits castles, cobbled streets, chapels and the great lazy River Vitava. With the best beer in the world, chicks all around, and sporting activities makes it a heaven for fun and enjoyment.

Here are 10 activities you can try while having the best stag weekend in Prague:



Airsoft is now a popular activity for stag and to to enjoy the last night of freedom.The basic principles are same as paint ball but the pellets much softer and less painful than that of paintball. For boys, a soldier experience like no other with some incredible missions. So get ready to shoot, shoot to miss and shoot to hit while being shot at!

Beer & Spirits Tasting

The world of single malt whiskies, pilsners, lagers and ales get ready to be blown by the amazing quantitiy and wonderful tastes of beverages. So you and your friends can have the re adventure of discovering your favorites and making new favorites. So the pub it is!

Brewery Tour

Prague homes some of most old fine pubs which brew the own beer on site and you can easily soak up the historical experience while having a brewery tour. The microbreweries there produce a variety of delicious beer, light pilsners and dark spicy ales. A visit to breweries is worth the experience of soaking up the historical taste and learning first hand experience of the old tradition of brewing in Prague.


Feeling Lucky? Or wanting to try your luck out, or rubbing your shoulders against the high rollers or playing against the house.Prague has some of the best sports for a wonderful casino night experience. Whether it's poker, roulette or simply the slot machines, try your hand at gambling and set yourself up for the whole weekend ahead. We hope you do get richer!

Quad Biking

Quad Biking

Looking for the Adrenalin Rush? Quad Biking gets the Job done. For a few hours of fun, thrills and mud, jump on one of the powerful quad bikes and race the superb off road course at the outskirts of Prague.The trails are constructed to give you a thrilling experience on both smooth and rough terrains. And these superb bikes can reach impressive speeds. Safety is insured by the instructors available to you while you have the time of your life.


In mood to play capture the flag, hide 'n' seek or any war games? Paintballingl is the thing to do. Adrenaline with plenty of shooting, Paintballing provides the perfect opportunity for a stag party to aim and take our your friends while having fun all around.

River Boat Party Cruise

Make your weekend special by dumping clubbing and try something different like opting for a Boat cruise. They start with a meal or buffet after which the booze flows in while you watch the city slide by or try out your grooves at the dance floor. Let yourself loose in the change of scenes while enjoying the calm of water. Some cruises include nightclub entry once you've docked.

Go Karting

Enjoy the thrills and skills of Go Karting at our modern, high-tech indoor circuit. Go Karting is an ideal activity for both experienced and novice racers.

Enjoy the thrill of racing each other, as electronic timing devices on board the go karts record your movements and display times and positions on a large screen.

City Guide & Tour

Prague is full of places to visit and things to checkout and as a tourist, it can be overwhelming to do justice to all the places you visit. Therefore, it is advisable to avail the services of a city guide and arrange a tour for your group.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Are you fingers itching to pull a trigger of shot gun and take aim at a shiny clay pigeon and smothering it into pieces? Well what better what to satisfy that urge than competing your friends for it at the same time. Clay pigeon shooting brings out the competing soul in each other, where no one can hide, but play and hone their skills.

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