Lisbon has flown under the radar as a stag do destination in Europe for quite some time. However with its endless coastline, fantastic food, and epic nightlife. It’s quickly gaining momentum as a top spot for gents to celebrate their stag do weekend.

As a popular city spot for digital nomads to congregate, this cosmopolitan city welcomes intrepid explorers from across the globe. Here you will have the opportunity to meet not only friendly locals but also those who seek a more alternative lifestyle. Adding to the eccentric air of the city. The atmosphere is bohemian, vibrant, with everyone looking to have a good time.

With its melting pot of ethnicities from South American to Eastern European, a variety of bars and restaurants have popped up over the past few years to cater for its increasingly global community. What this means, for your stag do holiday, is a variety of opportunity to have a great time and meet some very exciting people. A sensual and seductive vibe hums through the city at all times.

A few have dubbed Lisbon as the new ‘Berlin’ with it’s increasing artistic culture and endless opportunities for fun. But in my opinion, it’s got its own unique character, setting it apart from the German city. Also, be sure to not get this Iberian capital muddled up with its Spanish counterpart, the only thing these two have in common, is their shared border.

The Portuguese culture is alive and vibrant with its own unique flavours and culture.

From the classic ‘Fado’ music, (a typically bittersweet kind of music) which is often sung in small little bars found in the alleyways of Alfama, to the trademark Toscas serving up traditional Portuguese cuisine. Lisbon packs a punch of authentically Portuguese tastes and sounds, truly unique to this intriguing country.

The Backstory

A fairly unknown history to those who have yet to grace her cobbled stoned streets.

Lisbon is actually believed to be one of the oldest settlements in Western Europe. With the neighbourhood of Alfama believed to date all the way back to 1200 BC. However many of these ruins are long buried under more recent occupation sites.

Step aside from the ancient history, yawn, and in more recent years the city has faced an Earthquake that flattened the city in 1755. As well as a communist revolution that took place in 1975. However like a phoenix, the Portuguese capital has risen from the ashes time and time again, and with each new life, is coming back stronger and ready to flex her muscle as a great European capital.

The streets are decorated with architecture that is unique and idyllic of this amazing country. The historical Center is lined with grand statues and monuments, squares and tributes to the great explorers and minds of the Portuguese culture.

Not to mention that at a quick glance you may either feel as if you are in San Francisco or Rio.
As the city is home to two smaller versions of iconic monuments.

The Ponte de 25 Abril (the 25th of April bridge) a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, designed by the very same architect, and the Cristo Rei (Christ the King) a much smaller version of Christ the Redeemer that watches over Rio de Janeiro.

Another feather in the Portuguese crown? Its impressive beer and wine industry, the Portuguese truly enjoy a Hedonistic lifestyle, with leisurely meals and fine drink at the epicentre of their culture.  

The added bonus? The local drink, flows at a very reasonable rate, with a pint costing you an average of €2.50 in a local bar, and a glass of wine going for around €3. If you head to a local Tosca (a traditional Portuguese restaurant) you can pick up a three-course meal, with a beer and coffee for under a tenner!


Lisbon is renowned for its gypsies, offering up various party favours. However be warned their product is often counterfeit, and these chaps will usually become quite aggressive should you interact with them. Our advice, just ignore them when they are trying to whisper less than sweet nothings into your ear. The hassle that comes with engaging with these guys is certainly not worth it. 


The Best Spots for Sunshine

Great Coastline and Sunshine 

Lisbon and its surrounding areas are home too, without a doubt some of the best beaches in Europe.

With pretty much great weather guaranteed for most of the year, why not spend your days recuperating on some of the amazing beaches the city has to offer. Just a short taxi ride from the city centre and you can be chilling beachside with a cold beer in hand.

Costa da Caparica is known for its 25km’s of epic coast. Lined with cool cocktails spots and great beach bars.

During the summer a small little train runs from the city centre of Costa all the way up the coast to some more secluded beaches. And having said that, a few of these more secluded beaches also offer the option of ‘bathing suits optional’.

At sunset, the promenade comes to life with Lisbon locals looking to cool off after a hard day's work, and the beach bars become the best spot to kick back and mingle with these relaxed party people.

Costa is also a great place to dive into one of the greatest pastimes enjoyed by most of the Lisbon folk. Surfing, there are a few great surf schools to choose from. All lined up along the beachfront. Offering board and suit hire for as little as €30 a day. And let's face it, girls love a sun kissed surfer boy, so it will be a great ice breaker for meeting some of those pretty bikini clad girls.

If you are looking for epic hikes and something a little less crowded, rent a car and head over to the west coast of Sesimbra there are some very cool secluded beaches found along the Arrábida coast. The coastline itself is a national park, and the cliff faces and crystal clear water look like something out of a South East Asia holiday brochure. If you and the lads are looking for some adventure, you will easily find hiking trails that will lead you to some very cool spots.

Take a cooler box along for the journey, and have your own private beach party. 

Boozy Boat Adventures

Another great perk to this coastal city? Well, it has the Tejo river! Which is well known for hosting some epic boat parties. Booze cruises are enjoyed by foreigners and locals alike on a daily basis. You could opt for a private sailing adventure, or jump onto one of the sangria party boats for a more festive feel. The cruises will usually set sail from Cais Do Sodre pier, and cost around €30/€50 depending on what you are after. Most trips will include beer and sangria, as well as a DJ, and a promise of good times. The trips normally run for 3-4 hours, and that is plenty of time to soak up the last of the sunshine, and hang out with party enthusiastic people. 

The Miradouros

Lisbon is infamous for its viewpoints. Scattered across the city's higher neighbourhoods there are a multitude of cool spots to kick back for a chilled sunset. Most Miradouros will have a street bar close by, and a musician to add to the chic European feel.

A great way to hang out with the locals, you can grab a couple of beers in a cooler, or just pick your poison from the street vendors.

Our top recommendations, Miradouro da Graça, Miradouro Don Pedro and Santa Clara are three favourites. Each with their own unique and beautiful view of the city.  


When The Sun Sets

Going Large Like James Bond

Not quite a secret, but also not as well known as one might think. Casino Estoril was actually the casino that served as inspiration for the famous James bond movie, ‘Casino Royale’.

A quick 15 minute taxi ride out of Lisbon centre can have you sipping on martinis at the blackjack table.

It is famed as the biggest casino in Europe!

The space has been kitted out with state of the art technology, as well a pretty epic art gallery to fit in with its sophisticated air. You will often find tourists popping in to check out the world famous site. So it's a great spot to make some new friends who are looking to have a good time. Our recommendation, check it out for the famous Chinese buffet dinner before hitting the tables. Before the clock strikes 12, you will undoubtedly have made a few new friends to split the taxi back to Lisbon with. 

Pink Street and It's Sordid Past

Rua Nova do Carvalho (Open Daily nightclubs and bars vary on opening hours but generally from 2pm - 4am)

Way back when, the area of Cais do Sodre was known as the ‘Red light district’ of Lisbon. The area served as a hotspot for sailors, prostitutes and those with sordid behaviour on their agenda.

The more risque characters of the past are long gone, and now the neighbourhood is home to some of the trendiest bars and nightclubs in Lisbon.

The “Pink Street' or Rua Nova do Carvalho underwent a facelift in 2011, and the once grimy area was transformed into the ultimate party street in the city. Quirky bars, cool cafes and nightclubs popped up along the famously painted street and its surrounding areas. Giving visitors a place to let their hair down and enjoy the top class night life of Lisbon.

Pink street itself has a bar or nightclub to serve any budget, and will generally go on well into the night.

So what kind of spots can you expect to find in the area?

Let’s dive in, shall we? 

1. Pensão Amor

R. do Alecrim 19, (Open Daily 2pm - 3am)

Remember when I mentioned that Pink street used to be home to the ‘Redlight’ district, well it only makes sense that some of this history would have left its mark. And Pensao Amor is the place to throw homage to the barely clothed ladies of bygone years.

This eclectic establishment used to serve as a burlesque bar/brothel back in the day, however, the modern day entertainment has been toned down a touch. You can still enjoy the sexy art of burlesque, however, the bar also offers up resident DJ’’s and cool jazz experiences for the shier visitor.

With epic signature cocktails and numerous little nooks and crannies to get lost in. Pensao Amor is the ideal spot to head out with the lads, and mingle with the ladies.

Most ex-pats will head here any night of the week, to hang out and have a great time, so meeting like minded folks will be a breeze. 

2. Hennessy's Irish Pub

Rua, Cais do sodré 32-38 (Open daily - 12pm - 2am)

What stag do would be complete without a lads night at a pub? Hennesy’s is a staple of the Cais do sodre visit. Whether you are looking to kick back and watch a game, slam down a few shots or mingle with some open minded locals. Hennessy’s is the spot to head too. The Irish pub has held its ground for over a decade. Kitted out with all the traditional pub flair, it will serve as a ‘home-away-from-home’ while on your travels.

The fish and chips are famous, and the bartenders can whip up some pretty tasty cocktails!

The staff there are mostly made up of fun loving foreigners, so they can easily guide you to the next great party.

The general rule of thumb, head to Hennessy’s for a few pre-game pints before heading out to Pink street when the party picks up. 

3. Crafty Corner 

Tv. Corpo Santo 15 (Open daily 12pm - 1am)

I mentioned a while back that Lisbon is home to some great craft beer, so it seems only fitting to have a craft beer tap house featured in this article. Crafty corner is a small little bar, but with some big personality. They usually have about 10 locally sourced craft beers on tap, from microbreweries found throughout the city to the more commonly known guys such as MUSA.

The staff are all experts of the brews on offer and are able to suggest the perfect poison for your palette.

Another added bonus? They are located just around the corner from Hennessy’s and they are also linked to one of the best kebab spots in town. So an all round great spot to soak up the ale, while getting your stomachs lined.

Check out their Facebook page as they will often have musicians or events going on during the week.

4. The Docks 

Rua Da Cintura Do Porto De Lisboa Edif., 226 (Open daily 5pm - 6am)

This is the spot to head too when all the other bars begin to close their doors. Known for its amazing wall to ceiling windows, the Docks is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise with the fellow party people of the city. Known as an ultimate party spot in Lisbon, the drinks, the music, and the super sexy crowd all come together to make for a perfect way to continue the party well into the next day.

This place attracts the serious party crowd with most of the party people spilling over from Lux. Expect good looking ladies and gents, all with a taste for making the most of every moment.

5. Lux Fragil

Av. Infante D. Henrique a Sta Apolónia Cais da Pedra, Armazém A (Open Thurs - Sun 11pm - 6am)

One of the biggest party spots in Lisbon, part owned by John Malkovich. This uber trendy club see’s Lisbon locals, foreign visitors and celebrities pass through its doors on a weekly basis.

This high-end spot has a reputation for being super picky with how they let you through the front doors.

PRO TIP! - If you look ‘too much’ like a tourist you could be hit with a €300 entrance fee, but this will then be put towards your bar tab. Or if they like the look of you, you can stroll in at a more reasonable €20. But be warned, drinks can be pricey.

However, don’t let this deter you from what promises to be one of your best nights out in Lisbon. The club often plays host to world famous DJs and a super sexy party crowd. Arrive well-presented and leave the attitude at home and you should have no problem getting in.

The multi-level club has a mix of spaces to suit your vibe for the evening, from hard techno to funky house. They also have a pretty amazing terrace that overlooks the river and serves as a great place to gather when the sun begins to rise.

PRO TIP NO.2! - Don’t head there too early, the nightlife only begins to get going around 1am. So expect to emerge the following day, with one hell of an adventure to add to your list of stag-do stories. 

6. Barrio Alto

(Open daily 12pm - 2am)

Let’s head into another great neighbourhood for good times and galavanting.

Barrio Alto is known as one of the best spots for tourists to come together and party.

The criss cross of streets is lined chock full with cosy little bars, Latin inspired dance clubs and quirky cocktail corners.

You will surely find a place to suit your style and budget along these streets. Here you can find cool little spots offering up a shot and a beer for just €2!

Nightclubs, where the ladies are looking for a sexy samba and kebab spots to hit that late night grease craving.

Also known as a popular spot for Erasmus students and visitors, this is without a doubt the best place to come along and make a few new friends.

7. Park Bar 

Known as one of the more exclusive bars in Lisbon this ‘secret spot’ attracts a pretty hot crowd.

The location is actually a ‘secret’, to add to its air of exclusivity, but you can find it on the rooftop of a parking lot on Tv. André Valente.

Head up all the way to the 7th floor, and you will easily spot the entrance. With exceptionally good looking bar staff, and signature cocktails. The elite of Lisbon’s locals heads here for their pre-game drinks.

With breathtaking views of the city and riverfront, it’s the ultimate spot to take in the Lisbon scenery and the DJ’s are on fire playing old school hip hop and modern disco.

A local favourite to get your night started before heading onto some of the other trendy bar spots.

8. Lust in Rio

R. da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, (Wed - Sat 12am - 6am)

Another great nightclub located on the riverfront of the Tejo. Lust in Rio is arguably one of the best party spots in the city. The deck is literally right on the riverfront and the crowd that frequents here, are all up for a good night and good vibes. The chic ambience has attracted many celebrities over the years.

Known for having ‘two-clubbing’ seasons, summer sees this place transform into an epic open air venue. Where you can easily cool down with a world famous DJ hot on the decks.

When the outside air becomes a bit chilly, the place turns into an indoor venue, where the heat is definitely turned up! Their multimedia display and sexy patrons, make this one great spot to stay warm in the winter nights.

9. Art Lisboa

Av. 24 de Julho 66 (Open daily 12.30pm - 2am)

A super cool spot in the Lisbon night scene, this bar is elegantly decorated but doesn’t carry any of the pretentious fuss. An all-rounder, catering to all tastes and budgets, you can have your pick of either a cheap beer or a glass of bubbly. Paired with live music, or a top class DJ. This is certainly a must see spot on your Lisbon stag do visit.

10. K Urban Beach

Cais da Viscondessa (Open Wed - Sat 8pm - 6am)

There is no denying that a visit to Urban Beach will certainly be one hell of a night on your Lisbon adventure. Don’t be discouraged by the slightly younger crowd, as they sure know how to party! The decor is pretty top notch and the poolside dance floor is a great place to counter the heat of your fellow party goers.

Book a table if you want to get in early, and you can enjoy a great dinner before kicking it up a notch with the epic party vibes.

The club often hosts great international DJ’s and draws in a very cosmopolitan crowd from across the globe.

11. Red Frog

R. do Salitre 5A, (Open daily 4pm - 2am)

Lisbon's finest speakeasy - You will need to ring the bell to gain access, and trust us behind those doors is a very cool scene! An ode to the roaring ’20s and the age of prohibition, the bar offers up bohemian decor, and world class bartenders.

Voted as one of the best 100 bars in the world, it is easy to see why it’s a must visit for anyone travelling to Lisbon. The signature cocktails are expertly mixed and served with a sense of style.

12. Ginjinha Sem Rival

R. das Portas de Santo Antão 7 (Open daily 10am - 9pm)

This place without a doubt needs to be on your Lisbon stag do bucket list. It is one of the oldest Ginjinha spots in the city! The famous Portuguese cherry liquor is brewed off site, but don’t be fooled, this is the OG home of Ginjinha!

The tiny little cupboard of a bar sees thousands of Portuguese and tourists monthly, all sneaking past for a quick little tibble before continuing on their adventure.

PRO TIP! - Stop by for a quick drink or few, before heading up in Barrio Alto.

13. Lounge

R. Moeda 1 (Open daily 8pm - 4am)

This cool yet cosy bar is a great place to stop in and hang out with a more local crowd.

With a great selection of resident DJ’s. Lounge is a favourite for the regular party people of the city. The drinks are cheap, the music is great and the vibe offers up a cool and casual ambience.

14. Bica

R. da Sao Paulo / Bica (Open daily - times may vary depending on the bar)

For a touch of Brazillian flair and a chance to hang out with the South American counterparts to this Latin nation. Bica is a must see! This street is famously known for its Elevador Da Bica, but that old tram has got nothing on the great nightlife found around these parts.

Visitors will usually pick up a pint from one of the cosy little bars, and then mill on the stairs while enjoying some Brazillian beats. The crowd here is very welcoming to foreigners, showcasing Brazillian hospitality at its finest.

Have you ever been to Brazil? No? No worries if you haven’t!

You will feel like you have travelled across the globe while hanging out here, you can find traditional Brazillian street food, and an all round good vibe stretched out across this little street.

15. Ministerium

Praça do Comércio 72 (Open Thurs - Sat 11pm - 6am)

A great spot for those techno heads. Ministerium is an institution to the Lisbon nightclub scene.

Hidden away in the arches of the famous Praça do Comércio , this nightclub plays host to a very eclectic party scene.

With regular visits from world class DJ’s, Ministerium draws in a crowd that is serious about partying. Fair warning the music is techno, and it is hard. But if this is your vibe, you will have one of the best nights of your life here.

16. Chapito

Costa do Castelo 7 (Open daily 12.30pm - 15.30pm & 7pm - 11pm)

Considered a jewel in Lisbon’s crown, this is most certainly a great place to kick it back with the boys for some dinner. Chaptio company is actually run as a circus school by day and a great restaurant by night. The theme is whimsical and circus inspired, with the staff and decor resonating the same vibe.

You can sit back and enjoy a great meal, while the acrobatic students put on a display of their skills for you.

Depending on the evening, the bar also offers up great DJ’s and themed nights from Afro-hop to disco, while drawing in the bohemian crowd of the Lisbon nightlife.

Something a bit different for sure, but worth the visit if you are looking for an out of the ordinary experience.

17. LX Factory

R. Rodrigues de Faria 103 (Open daily - bars and restaurant times may vary)

A uber trendy spot located on the south side of the city, LX factory was originally an industrial area, serving the weaving and textile industry. But has since been transformed into a bustling creative district. With numerous creative businesses, trendy bars and world class restaurants. LX factory has quickly become a top spot as a Lisbon must see location.

The yard is made up of old factory spaces and converted shipping containers, giving it an edgy and stylish ambience. You will find everything from tattoo shops, to Drag queen dinners nestled in, its crevasses.

There is also a famous book store located here, Ler Devagar, which not only house an incredible collection of local and foreign bestsellers, but also a few antique printing presses. The grand space has a coffee shop and bar allowing its visitors to chill out and read slowly if the mood calls for it.

Rio Maravilha, another famous feather in the LX crown, is probably one of the most Instagrammed spots in all of the city. The colourful lady overlooking the bridge chills on this rooftop terrace. Here you will find top class cocktails and a trendy gathering of locals and foreigners.

The views are incredible, from the famous 25th of April bridge to the hodgepodge shipping containers of Village Underground.

This unique space is also home to a market on a Sunday’s where local artists will come along to showcase their talents and those in the know come to pick up some rare finds.