A stag weekend is the perfect excuse to live on the edge, one last self-serving and adrenaline pumping experience before you live with and for your partner. We have a few ideas on how you can get your heart pumping and your hand trembling.

First, airsoft, it’s like paintballing but with an airsoft activity, there is more power and impact, for those lads, searching for a little more realistic combat experience. Your group will be split and compete against each other on the assault course, using some seriously powerful rifles in a variety of modes including semi-automatic. Safety equipment will be provided, but be warned, there will be a few bruises, on both your body and ego. Game on lads, game on.

For more adrenaline inducing activities, we recommend a weekend trip into Marbella for an Amazon Adventure . It’s an activity for those adventure seeking lads with the ability to work together with full cooperation (I know, difficult, right?). It has an intense and challenging circuit course where you will navigate over 3 hours of terrain, while you and your party tackle the various obstacles set in your way before reaching the finish line crawling from your demise. This adventure will be tougher than you are, so to succeed, you will have to search for the strength you hold deep within you. Good luck,

If you’re not up for a roll around in the forest, we can organise military gun shooting . This major weaponry activity includes mainly hand guns and AK-47s as these are the best and most popular for the exciting activity, however machine guns are available and can be loaded on your request. We provide the instructors, safety equipment and powerful ammunition for an all-guns blazing shoot ‘em out. Can you hit the target? You’ll have to explain to the lads why you have all that banter on call of duty if you can’t.

And it that’s not enough, get a take of the military life and ride a genuine armoured car at a military base. Our qualified instructors help you to get to grips with riding the powerful vehicle and all of your stag party get the chance to take control.

If you’re not intrigued by the military life activities, be a real life stunt man and put yourself in positions the celebs just wouldn’t dream of. Learn the inside tips and tricks of a Hollywood stuntman, find out how they make movie magic happen through dramatic fight scenes, as taught by stunt professionals and have fun doing it. You and your stag party will gain a unique and fascinating insight to Hollywood stunts and be a part of something that you’ll never forget.

Or last and most dangerous stag weekend activity of them all, spend your last night of freedom at a strip or lap dancing club with all the VIP perks and entertainment. But you’re treading on really thin ice if the ladies at home don’t exactly agree with the choice.

And if they don’t tickle your fancy, check out our website for more ideas, but remember, it’s your last weekend to live on the edge, get your adrenaline pumping. www.henandstagweekends.co.uk