Brewery Tour in Staropramen Stag Weekend In Prague

If you and the lads are into beer, then Prague is the place to be. The Eastern city is home to some of the best beers in the world, like Budweiser. The city even holds a festival every year, to celebrate their brewing of some of the best beers for 17 days - that’s how much they love it! 


There is no better way to start the stag weekend off, than visiting Czech’s largest brewery.  Staropramen, founded in 1869, has its own brewery visitor centre, which allows the public to see the journey through time on the beer brewing process, and lucky for you - this is in Prague!


Take a one hour tour through the factory, and experience the way their beer is made. You’ll be given your own audio device where you can go at your own pace and really engage with the interesting facts the brewery has to offer along with the secret production of Czech beer. There will also be guides around the brewery to offer expert commentary.


Don’t worry - you will also all get 2 beers to sample too! It wouldn’t be a proper brewery visit if we didn’t supply the alcohol as well. If you and the boys are looking for a little added extra, then ask us about adding on lunch to the tour too and we’ll see what we can do!

Activity includes:

  • 1 Hour Tour
  • English Audio Explanation/Guide
  • 2 Beers Each


1 Hour


Not Included






Not Included

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