hen weekend in Amsterdam has the potential to be completely unforgettable. There is so much to do in Amsterdam, you're going to be spoilt for choice, but we have selected the best hen weekend activities to give you a weekend to remember!

 Hen weekend in Amsterdam

The boats are known for giving you a fantastic vantage point of the city as you move through the canal. The idea is to get your whole party together for bonding while you experience the river side of the city. With a bar man and a skipper on the boat, it is the perfect way to relax.

Of course you want a stripper! It's Amsterdam! A sexy weekend is something everyone associates with Amsterdam, it's almost tradition. Why not bond with the girls over a dinner and have a stripper serve your desert before he puts on a show?

Along with the party lifestyle and the bar crawls, the city has so much culture, and fantastic arc to impress you with. A bike tour of the city is a great way of experiencing it.

To express further, Amsterdam's culture is captivating, and the museums here are famous for capturing culture and making it relevant and in fact, beautiful.

These shows are spectacular; it is definitely an experience you have to indulge in at least once, and what better time than on your hen weekend? The show is amazing and will for sure give you something to remember.

Booze bikes are famous in Amsterdam, they are very popular with tourists, bikes like this used to exclusively have beer dispensers, however now, they do prosecco too!

This is a traditional idea that we just have to suggest! The red light district is popular with most tourists, if even for a look around. The area is thriving with young fun loving tourists and quaint cafes to indulge in.

Amsterdam has so many bars and clubs to choose from why not go to a few? Having a guide on your night ensures that you are only spending time in the best bars in the area. It's only one weekend after all, let the guide show you the hottest spots.

A spa day is something we suggest you do on Sunday, we weekend antics are always soothed by an epic spa day with the girls. Indulge in the biggest and best treatments on offer, go on! It's your hen weekend, why not?

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