There is this trend of brides inviting their mums for hen parties. Hen parties are no longer a case of hitting the club and ratcheting all night with your L-plates on. Women who are marrying for the second, third time etc. or women who get married when they are a little older also want to go to hen parties. Hen parties are becoming sophisticated and family friendly, if I may call it that. When planning a party with both young and old women in mind, you must do it a little bit different to ensure everyone is happy.

If you are thinking of inviting your mum or your old aunt from New Hampshire or maybe you are planning for hen party for older ladies, you don't necessarily have to prepare for daytime activities only. 

Below I have compile a list of cool hen ideas that will include daytime activities only and weekend long activities. In no particular order, here are our top ten hen ideas for older brides or for older hen party goers to be precise.

1. An extravagant treat

If you want to keep things simple and tradition, you may opt to take an afternoon out. Go grab tea! This is a simple activity that will give you and other hen goers time to bond and catch up. You can do it within town or out of town. Alternatively, you can brew your own tea for an activity and serve it with cakes and other delicacies. This is a perfect ''meet and know'' hen activity.

2. Some drinking and merry making

Well, if you must have a drink during your hen party, then we have a few alcoholic options that you and your girls can have. How about a girly cocktail? Instead of just walking into a bar (two girls walk into a bar) and grabbing already prepared cocktails, why don't you take a cocktail-making class? Thereafter you can drink the cocktails you made. Fancy wine? How about a wine tasting bar crawl? There are so many packages that offer wine tasting on our website.

3. Foodies day out

Women love preparing food. Take your girls to a food day out where you can learn to cook different types of food. Pastry, steak, etc. This is an event that can be done in local restaurants and bistro. After your hen friends are done preparing their delicacies, you can sit and enjoy the work of your hand over some banter, gossip and catching up. Every day is a new food day!

4. Spa and pampering day out

Which woman doesn't want to be pampered? If your friends includes your mum or your older friends, then you are better off hitting a luxury spa for some massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. As you soak in a Turkish bath, you can enjoy some chitchat and champagne to mark the event. Nice way to start your wedding don't you think?

5. A celebratory meal

Dinner with the girls? To kick start your night out, hit a classy restaurant and enjoy a three course meal. To spice things up you can order champagne or wine to set the mood and keep the gossip flowing. You're never too old to be naughty. How about an exotic dancer as you take your evening meal?

6. Bowling for soup

Bowling is a fun activity you can do with your hen friends. Bowling is an exciting activity but it gets more exciting when you take on your best friends during a hen weekend. It is relaxed and intensive in a unique way. It has been described as an ideal activity for hen goers who want to bond more.

7. Comedy and drama club

As the age old saying goes,''laughter is the best medicine…'' well, this saying applies even when planning your hen weekend. If you want to enjoy a good time with your girls, you can visit one of the numerous comedy clubs in town. You and your girls will get the best of comedy with stand-ups featuring loads of hen party content. Who knows, you may even get pulled up the stage to become part of the act.

8. Guided museum tour

Back to the roots. If you want a fun day out with your girls, then you may want to consider a museum tour. Museum tours are fun and educative. It is family friendly meaning that you can take your mum and friends without creating awkward moment.

9. Bike riding tour

Shed off some calories and have fun while at it. Take a bike tour on the outskirts of the city with the girls. It is a healthy activity that will help you flush out toxins and shed off some calories. You can stop for IG photos on the way.

10. Boat cruise

Boat cruises allow you to enjoy some fun times with the girls. You get to see the surrounding flora and some fauna from the comfort of your boat. Water has been described as relaxing, something you will need before your big day!

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