Ibiza is awesome! The sun, sea and sexy ladies will definitely make it a popular stag weekend destination. For those looking to some fun activities to make your weekend unforgettable, you have come to the right place.

Go karting

Karting is a classic, for a lads weekend anywhere we suggest some good competition. This activity gives you a chance to find out once and for all, who is really the best driver between you. The adrenaline and the banter that comes with go karting is the perfect way to send of the groom to be.

Beach clubs

Beach clubsIn sunny Ibiza, what could be better than a drink in the sun, hire a bed and chill out with the lads and the budding young party people before you head out to the clubs on the night. Its a great way to get the lads that may not know each other as much to bond, and for the groom to catch up with all hi closest friends too.

Party boat

And if the sand is putting you off the beach party activity, why not jump abroad a boat and sail through the sea and party until the sun falls. Party boats are really popular in Ibiza and especially with young partying tourists. It is a great way to get into the party mood before the big night out.


Another stag weekend classic, one for the lads with a more military nature, if you are more of a shoot 'em up fan rather than a driver, then paintballing is the activity for you. Compete with the lads and finally decide who has the better aim. A fun way to spice things up is to have the lad with the poorest aim buy the first round of drinks on the night out later.


The waterparks in Ibiza are epic, huge water parks are so popular here and Ibiza is full of fun loving people who just really love to have fun in the sun. Huge slides and pools can be a great way to relax and really escape from any wedding planning stress.

Bar crawl

What's a stag weekend without a bar crawl? Not much. The bar crawl is the actual send off and has to be epic, it is always best for you to have a guide, this way you aren't wasting time trying to find great bars, as the guide already knows where all of the hottest spots are.

Lap dancing club

And for a more frisky weekend, lap dancing clubs are very popular. They are fun and of course a sexy and traditional way to send the stag off in style. Whether its in a club, hired limo or a steak & strippers activity. A lap dance is just a must-do for all stag parties

Jet skiing

Jet skiing

Water sports are awesome, jet skiing in particular is fun because of the control you have. Saw through the sea with the lads and experience the sea at high speeds. The adrenaline boost with definitely give you something to remember. If you have done this before or you are just pretty confident, why not race the lads while you're out there? Loser buys the drinks!


This is your excuse to dress up, head out to the casino with the lads and let's hope your luck is in! There are slots, roulette tables and card games galore! Find your favourite games and enjoy a night of gambling.

Quad biking

For the thrill seeking lads, this activity is perfect, whether it's on road or off road, hiring quad bikes is a perfect way to get the adrenaline pumping.

Be sure you check out our website for more activity ideas and let us know if you would like help organising a stag weekend in Ibiza, or any other destination of course we would be happy to help.