Experience the luck of the Irish and take your pick of watering holes to sample the Guinness at the on offer at Dublin's friendly, local bars and even the Guinness storehouse. Dublin Castle and the Aviva Stadium are just some of the points of interest at Ireland's capital, where history and the love of socialising combine to present a pretty amazing stag weekend experience.

Guinness Brewery Tour

For lovers of the black stuff, do't miss this informative brewery tour. When you go on the Guinness tour, they guide will talk to you about the ingredients and the brewing process, with some visitors getting to start the brewing, testing and Guinness advertising. There's a bar where you can pull your own pint and the Brewery Bar is a great place to eat.

Horse Racing

There's nothing like betting on the horse that wins and collecting some winnings! Dress up in style and be prepared to enjoy a fun day at the races, as you mix in with the horse racing set. It's a gentleman's sport and a great day out to boot.

Rage Buggies

Use your powerful Rage Buggy to ride around some challenging tracks for a really exhilarating ride. These extremely powerful, huge two seater vehicles are the more powerful versions of Go Karts and they are built to withstand some hilly terrain. Get ready for some seriously competitive Super Buggy Racing on a purpose-built track. All safety equipment and refreshments are included.

Bar Crawl

A Bar Tour offers your party the chance to explain which kind of bars you want to visit and an expert tour guide accompanies you on a tailor-made tour. They provide you with insightful information and help you move onto the next bar, when you're ready to move on with your night.


There are some good reasons why paintballing is an incredibly popular stag break activity. Running around shooting paint pellets at the competition soon gets the adrenaline pimping and really brings out the competitive spirit in any stag party.

Comedy Club

Trust us, laughter really is the best medicine. Laugh your way through an entertaining night of comedy with your best friends and we will add some delicious cuisine and an After Party at a top club to that equation. All the elements you would possibly need for a perfect party.

Go Karting

Everyone loves Go Karting for the sheer thrill and competition involved. Go Karts are lightweight and very easy to ride, making them suitable for all stag and hen parties. Who will be the eventual winner after you complete all the laps? Find out. You will be impressed by the quality and realism of the indoor track.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon shooting is more about skills than brawn and is a great way of helping your group bond. See who's got the best shot in the group as you're put through your paces by our professional instructors, as you learn to handle a shiny, double barrelled shot-gun. You'll soon by shooting like a natural huntsman (or huntswoman).

Strip Club Entry

We promise to get you into the best strip clubs in town for lots of rowdy fun and eye candy! Why not bump and grind along as you enjoy the show with a cocktail or two in hand? We ensure you get the VIP seats.

Highland Games

Let the games begin! Get involved in Tossing the Caber and The Haggis Malt Challenge with our fantastic Mini Highland Games and show your strength, prowess and skills. Instructors are on hand to help run the day and there's a prize giving ceremony at the end.

For help organising your stag weekend give us a call on 0800 210 0643, we have discounted rates with suppliers and can offer you activities at low rates for your stag weekend in Dublin and around Europe.