There are many stereotypes when it comes to a stag party weekend, a stag night full of copious amounts of drinking and forgetting the night in questions is just one of them. But of course, this isn't for everyone, and I mean, you want to remember you stag weekend, right? So, here are some awesome ways to enjoy your stag weekend, even if you are a non-drinker.

Comedy Club

Comedy Club

Laugh your way through an entertaining night of comedy with your best friends and we will add some delicious cuisine, with or without drinks, the experience will be engaging and hilarious. Sharing laughs with the lads and enjoying an evening out can be perfect for catching up with your mates before the big day.


There's no night as glamorous as Casino Night! With casino tables and croupiers supplied and basic instructions available, we welcome you to enjoy the fun of having a flutter. And don't worry; a certain number of chips are supplied, so you can just enjoy the evening. Who leaves the casino with the most chips wins and of course, the loser has to do a forfeit.

Rage Buggy

Rage Buggies are big, thrilling karts with powerful engines. Get ready for some speedy and adventurous laps on our purpose built course. The buggies really do eat the road with their huge wheels and pulling power. Driving activities are always a great choice for stags opting to go T Total for their Stag weekend.



There are some good reasons why Paintballing is an incredibly popular stag break activity. Running around shooting paint pellets at the competition soon gets the adrenaline pimping and really brings out the competitive spirit in any stag party.

AK Shooting

An AK 47 is one hell of an assault rifle. If you fancy handling this powerful weapon and testing how well you can shoot, this is your chance to be Rambo for the day. We offer all the equipment and safety instructions.

Poker night

Arrive at the casino where a host will direct you to your private poker room and meet your personal poker dealer. Get the night started with a warm up game, and then keep score of your chips for a winner and loser forfeit at the end of the night. Your professional dealer can even show you some card shuffling tricks to make the night a little more interesting.

Off Road Adventure

Off Road Adventure. Successfully navigate some difficult, hilly terrain by riding a large Off road kart. As you compete at high speeds to reach the finish line, make sure the winner gets his moment of glory on your stag trip. This fun but challenging jaunt will give you something entertaining to remember.

Pool Table Session

Pool Table Session

Pool, whether it's of the English or American variety, can be amazingly competitive. Get your stag party involves in some great games and as an added bonus, a friendly waitress service and large TV screens showing sports will also be available


Archery takes real skill and focus, why is why we have our trained instructors on hand to teach you all you need to know to reach competition standards. See who has the best aim while shooting and come up with a fun forfeit for the loser.

Motor Paintballing

Motor Paintballing is simply paintballing on wheels. We provide the transport as your groups of mates shoot ammunition at each other as you pass in your crazy and fast car. Experience the thrill as you get ready to shoot from a moving vehicle at the other teams.

For help organising your stag weekend email me, we have discounted rates with suppliers and can offer you activities at low rates for your stag weekend,