Organising a hen party is usually a very intimate and personal experience for a bride to be, and that's a lot of pressure to make sure it matches up to expectations. But that does not mean that you have to fret over it and get worried about something that's not even planned yet. 

Here are 10 tips that will help you guide through the difficult but interesting task at hand and make it worth your while:

Communicate with the bride

The hen weekend is the last night of her freedom. Talk to the bride, listen to her and do what she wants to do. Invite people she wants and try to be in tune with the ideas she has. The night is for her, make sure she feels appreciated and centre of attention. She might be very open about what she wants but she will not be completely honest and ask you to go all out. So if you think she wants it to be a big deal, don't be afraid to go all out.

Get to know each other

Get to know each other beforehand. Sometimes, the bride has friends that do not know each other, so it will be a good idea to get together before the big weekend. A good way is to get online setup a Facebook group or a WhatsApp group. It is good for people who do not know each other to get together and talk and break the ice before the big night.

Minding the budget

Decide beforehand what per head is going to cost. Be it £40 or £100, decide the budget and stick to it, because no one likes to pay more than they agreed. Be upfront on what its gonna cost. Sometimes talking money makes things awkward so to make it as easy as possible, make things straight forward and be clear about what it is going to cost.

Save the date

It is best to choose a week or even months before the wedding so that you all have time to recover, do not, I repeat do not make your hen party the night before the wedding. Things might get messy or the bride to be might get too drunk. You can also maximise the number of friends and relatives who are able to attend by planning in advance and remember its the bride's night so make sure all her special people can be there.

Location Matters

A quality girl bonding time is often the need in a hen's party and so location is the key that matters. Before you decide, make sure to check out all the best places and the places to avoid before planning the journey. If you are going abroad, then make sure everyone has a valid passport and also confirm that everyone can make it to the location before booking.

Be considerate and keep it cool

We know its hard and quite a lot to cover and organise in a short period of time and to make people do things is always a hard chore, but you do need to be pushy or with a whip in hand so to speak. Set deadlines for everyone to meet and decide on what to do for the hen weekend, ensure that everyone agrees but be the main decision maker. This will ensure a decision is actually made on time.

Know the people

Hen party is not one age group, it consists of your friends, parents and older or younger people who love the bride. So its always handy to remember that planning something that will isolate the older/younger people invited.While planning the hen party weekend, keep in mind the guests and what they want too.

Be organised

It's your best friend's last night of freedom, so you will be in charge of the itinerary. And while its something special no detail is too small. Considering all the details from the drinks, dress codes, hotel, accommodations, and things like where and when will you be eating and of sorting all the payments through, making the event happen effortlessly will require handwork on your part.

Don't leave anything to later

If things go as planned regarding the date, you will have plenty of time to make it happen alright. Do everything you can do at the moment and don't leave anything to later and then it is all chaos of late orders, payments frenzy, and all the stuff you feared of not wanting to do it in the first place. So make it happen on time and planned before well in advance!

Relax and let the moments bring its own magic

As the organiser of the night, we know how difficult it has been, how tiring and mind testing stuff you have been through but when its all planned out and there is nothing more you can do in the planning area, there is no good in worrying about something that's not happened yet. Ensure that everyone knows their task, and ask for help at all times so the burden of managing all the guests can be eased off your shoulders. All you can do after that is relax, take a breath, and just let it happen and watch the magic.

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