So you’re interested in booking a stag party in London, right? But what exactly is there to do in London, you may be asking yourself… As the capital of England, London is central to all things fun. From touring in the day to boozing it in the evening, you will struggle to find something that isn’t awesome.

Here are just some of the most unusual stag do activities available in this great city:

Bar Crawls
No stag party is complete without the consumption of alcohol, and a lot of consumption at that. If you desire to get tipsy or even a little bit drunk (we won’t tell!), London bar, club and pub crawls are the perfect combination of alcohol and touring the lively city. Whether you tend to stick to simple beers and wines, or if you prefer the wilder, more intoxicating beverages, London is home to some of the greatest water holes in England; we’ll even throw in a Strip club and some costumed beermaids. Regardless of whether you will wake up to remember it, you will wish that the night never ends.

Beer Bikes
It is impossible to have the ultimate stag do in London without trying the taste of the best beers in the city! Although London houses some of the greatest watering holes, why not revamp the traditional beer crawl by switching it up with a conference bike tour? Unlike the usual boozing experience, you and the lads can have a tour of the unique city, while knocking back a share of 5 litres of beer. There won’t be a dry mouth in town, of that you can be certain!

Cupcake Workshop
A hen or stag party in London is all about doing things differently. Although cupcake making is not your everyday hen or stag party, it gives you and your group a chance to catch up on some much needed gossip and to have some fun while at it. Expert at cake decorating or not, you will get to learn some new techniques and tips, as taught by a professional cupcake chef. Perhaps you can make a competition out of it… see who the greatest cake decorator is! After you have completed your creations, you will get to eat what you have prepared – so make sure they are edible!

City Treasure Hunt
For those of you who decide to take things slow on the first day, the perfect way to ease into your stag weekend in London is to venture out and take part in the city treasure hunt. As well as meeting the locals and making some new friends, you can see the beauty of the city of Bath. Using the expertly designed smartphone app, you and your party will be led around the city, absorbing the culture and finding those all-important spots to make your stag weekend the best ever. Immerse yourself in this fast-paced city and you’ll be a whole new person when you leave.

Zorb Football
Are you a football fanatic? Think you possess the skills that can put any Premier League footballer to shame? Will you think the same once trapped inside of a huge balloon filled with air? Then you should have a blast at Zorb football. This game is the ultimate combination of football and dodgems, but balance is of the utmost importance! Sound entertaining? There is absolutely no doubt about that. Although the rules are a little different than regular football, you can be sure that it is fun, challenging and brings everyone together like no other sport.

As time goes on, London is getting more and more diverse in terms of what you can do for you hen or stag weekend. Instead of spending your last moments of freedom doing the common things that everyone is used to, how about trying something a little bit different but a lot more fun? Feel the adrenaline rush as you leap from side to side, slide through nooks and jump from heights that you wouldn’t usually dare to even dream about. Parkour is all about knowing what is around you, also finding the quickest paths to get to where you want to go. Skilled or unskilled, this activity is great fun for anyone who is willing to have a go!

Man VS. Food
Before you head out to wet your heads and drink yourself crazy, you may want to take word from the wise and line your stomach with a warm and heavy foundation to accommodate all that alcohol. The Man VS. Food activity in London is perhaps one of the best opportunities to challenge the hen/stag and make her/him prove they can handle such carnivorous chaos. With choices from the Burgergeddon to Man VS Dog, this evening meal is unlike any other!

Disco Dodgeball
Perhaps you remember playing it when you were younger, maybe you played it with your stag friends and since you are now all grown up, it is not childish to do it like the good old times. This is one activity that is childishly fun, and the perfect way to start your stag weekend. Since you will be doing it with your age mates and close friends, then it doesn’t matter how childish it is. The game aims at eliminating the opponent by either hitting them with the ball or catching their throw. And since this is not the Olympics, you will have to hit them where it hurts most. Aim for the balls! The winners are the team that eliminates the other team or have the most players left after the alcohol starts calling! Each game is played to different songs, you add some more fun into the mix.

Cheeky Butler
Welcome to the world of cheeky butlerettes! As well as qualifying as serving staff, these gorgeous gals can bring so much more (and dress in so much less!) Not only will they serve your drinks, but they will bring the banter and va-va-voom to your evening. As much as they are a pleasure to look at, they are specifically chosen for being extremely outgoing and for having unforgettable personalities. This is the perfect alternative for your stag, particularly for those whose bride is likely to make a fuss about strippers and lap dancing; you can have a laugh and mingle with these luscious ladies, before the big day.

Other Wacky Activities Include:
Clay Pigeon Shooting
Zombie Paintball
School Sports Day
Bubble Mayhem
Binocular Football
Stage Fighting
Jedi Training
Zombie Laser Tag
Rib Thames River Speed Ride
It's a Knockout
Wine Tasting

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