As host to millions of visitors each year, the Capital of Bavaria is home to some of the most intense nightlife in Germany. Munich is the perfect place for a beer-soaked stag do, not solely for the boozy nights, but for the vast array of activities to enjoy and engage yourself in.

We offer many different activities to make the stag have the weekend to remember. Here are the 5 best things to do on your stag do in Munich:

Hot Rod City Tours

Once you have put down your beers, it's time to sober up for some sightseeing. But this is not like those boring old tours where you spend half of the day bent over a map trying to figure out where in the world you are. Munich is here to spice things up and give you a fiery passion for driving throughout the city.

You and the guys can experience the thrill of a lifetime, as you are taken on a city tour around Munich. Forget about open-top buses and common taxis, you can be treated like celebrities as you are driven around in some of the most fantastic Hot Rod cars.

Not only will you be able to see some of the city's most beautiful architecture, but the locals will be in awe of you as you cruise through the streets in these classic Hot Rods. 

Strippers & Lap Dancing

Among the many other stag do activities in Munich, you will regret missing out on the gorgeous German women. With choices between strippers and lap dancers, you can be guaranteed to have an unforgettable night. Regardless of whether you would prefer to have entrance into a popular lap dance club, or a stripper wake up service, Munich promises to not let you down.

From an extensive selection, you can choose whatever tickles your fancy! No other German city provides such opportunities for erotic evening entertainment.

We can offer you some of the best that Germany has to offer, including:

- Lap Dance Club entry
- Lap Dance Club tour
- Strippers
- Stripper (wake up service)
- Party bus with Stripper
- Lesbian strip show

Escape Rooms

Another extremely popular stag do activity in Munich is to delve into the enormous Escape Rooms. Think you can find the solution to release yourself from captivity? This real life escape game requires more than just a key to get out - it requires patience, team work, and most of all, determination. After all, you wouldn't want to be stuck inside forever!

WARNING! Only those who think they can succeed dare to enter!


Most people would argue that Las Vegas is the King of Casinos. However, Munich can give it a run for its money!

Whether slot machines are your thing, or you prefer to play with the best of them, the casinos around the centre of Munich are the ideal place to win some extra cash. The Casino Center Munchen and the Casino Royale Monaco are among some of the greatest casinos in town; the Royale is the first private casino to open in Munich and is close to the Munich Hauptbahnhof.

Try your hand at Black Jack or Texas Hold 'Em - a guaranteed night of fun! Visitors have deemed it the perfect stag do activity in Munich.

Beer Bikes

No stag weekend in Germany can be complete without trying the taste of the best beers in town! It doesn't have to be Oktoberfest for you to have an excuse to have a beer-soaked stag (though all the better if it is Oktoberfest!)

Although Munich houses some of the greatest watering holes, why not revamp the traditional beer crawl by switching it up with a conference bike tour? Unlike the usual boozing experience, you and the lads can have a tour of the unique city, while knocking back a share of 5 litres of beer. There won't be a dry mouth in town!

Or if all that isn't enough, you can double the fun. With a 2 hour conference bike tour, you will be provided with 10 litres of beer to share between your group.

Do you want a stress-free stag do, with all the perks but without the pain? Using our services you can save tons of time, and you only have to pay a small deposit to guarantee your stag do (individual payments thereafter).

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