One thing we like to suggest to all of the lads that come to us for stag weekend advice is fancy dress. It isn’t every day that we get to convince a group of lads to dress up in something less dapper, but when we do, it really does lighten the mood and create a unique experience for the lads involved.

Of course, there are many times where the group we are working with want to get formal and go ‘Barney Stinson style’ for the weekend, but you can do that anytime, the stag weekend is a night where you can dress like an idiot and get away with it. So now that I’ve convinced you, let’s start talking fancy dress ideas.

Let’s get this one out the way first, maybe you should choose something out of this category for the stag, give him something to remember.

Stag do gimp costume

Gimp suit

Sometimes you have to go a bit darker in order to get the full potential of embarrassment out of the night. Sometimes only a full blown gimp suit will do. But the trouble with this one is the mask, only the guys will know the true identity of the gimp.





Stag do pink mankini

Pink Mankini

The mankini is one of the most popular, it’ a cliché for stag embarrassment costumes and we just love it. This item is a one size fits most which is a very entertaining fact as in reality, it’s a one size fits nobody kind of costume. But hey! It being a little too tight is the least of your worries. (I bet you’re wondering if it’s going to be too big.)


Stag weekend blow up willy

Penis Blow up

For a while now our legendary penis costume has been one of our most popular ideas, so we definitely suggest it to the stags. If you think the groom to be is a huge cock, then, we’ve found the perfect costume.




Stag Weekend fat man costume

Stag weekend Muscle Chest Male Stripper Costume

Body shape suites

There’s always that one lad who considers himself a bit of a fitness freak or personal trainer, well, if it’s his stag do, this is the perfect way to humiliate him. The beauty of this is that it will cause a laugh no matter how fit the person wearing it is, in fact the less fit they are the funnier it gets. And for the lad that is definitely not fit at all, get the six pack suite and chuckle at the irony.

individual outfits

But those have all been individual outfits, for group ideas, why not dress up and bananas and monkeys. We love this theme as it is so silly and so fun to see. The potential for banana-gags and innuendos is huge. And that’s a pretty good gag right there. The gorilla suit is one of the most popular, the gorilla In the club always gets the most attention, sorry boys, the ladies love the gorilla suit.

And because it’s Halloween this weekend we've threw in a few shockers, if you are out on a lad’s night out this weekend, check out some of the cool dress up ideas; A terrifying clown for those who actually want to be scary this Halloween, A werewolf for those who secretly want to show off their abs, and superman for the lads that fancy themselves a bit of a super hero.

Halloween CostimSupermen


Give fancy dress a chance, you never know, the ladies just might love it. And for more stag weekend ideas, check out We can not only suggest some cool things to do but we can make it happen.