Barcelona is one of the most sought after cities for hen weekends. From the spice of Spanish to the seductive sway and swagger of salsa. Indeed it is a place to go for an epic hen weekend, you will have the time of her life here. Wild, untamed, carefree memories.

From restaurants, salsa, bars, dancing and culture and tradition to the modern life of night clubs, Barcelona has it all. So what are you waiting for? Grab a ticket. Book the flights and check out the world of taste, beauty and well delicious men! Below are some of the activities, in case you haven't planned yet. You might want to indulge in to have the best of time and Barcelona.


Looking for some Arabic and Turkish cultural rush and wanting to feel like the Queen or Princess of the day? Enjoy an Arab bath and get the royalty you deserve. Thermal baths give you the chance to sweat out all those toxins after a night out and catch up with your friends with some dedicated girl time. From the cultural mix, therapeutic treatments, the hens are also provided besides spa to have a full body aromatherapy massage.


If you are feeling the soul of a tourist and a traveler while roaming the streets of Barcelona, and who could blame you! Treasure hunt is the way to go to see the wonderful sights, quest for the truth and treasure while having the laughs of your life. Roam the city with a series of clues, atlas and a map and have the chance to see some of the most beautiful landmarks and sights Barcelona has to offer to the curious eyes.


To enjoy the beach life of Barcelona, wine and the most stunning views of the Mediterranean, a private yacht party and cruise is the way to go. Get sun soaked, tanned and relaxed while feeling like a celebrity, Wine, dine and unwind!


To talk about Barcelona, and not talk about Salsa is almost criminal. To feel the Latin rhythm and dance to the temptations of music, and to the seduction of twirl, swish and shake those booties. Salsa lessons is the perfect bonding and pleasure activity that brings out the best of wildness and makes you untamed to your last nights of freedom. So are you game, or are you Shakira!?



Well the one way to have all the hens laughing and have them lust innocently is to bring out the boy toys for the last night of freedom. Let them stare, be tempted and shout out OMGs. From the introduction to the 'taking off' strip show, make sure you provide what's wanted, even if they don't say it. What are best friends for!

If you love the Barcelona activity ideas here, create your own Barcelona hen package and simple add the activities you like. If none have excited you, then check out our Barcelona activities page, we would love to help make your hen weekend epic!