Losing a bet

It’s almost here, your stag weekend is approaching and I can feel the anxiety building up inside of you. It could either be a great success or a tumbling weekend of red cheeks and regrets. This blog won’t help, but it may prepare you for the worst and tip you on what to avoid on your stag weekend with the lads.

Losing a bet – Most men can’t help but make a bet between themselves, whether it is winning your quad bike race or just simply downing a pint faster than the other lads, there are usually 1 or 2 bets on every stag do weekend, and the stakes are usually unnecessarily high. Like waxing your chest, permanently writing curse words on the losers forehead or walking back to the hotel in a questionable outfit of the winner’s choice. If you can’t win or don’t wager that’s what I say.

Over drinking – It’s a lads weekend, we know there are egos at hand here, so when it comes to drinking there is always that one who wants to out drink the gorilla of the group. Well, you can’t, and you really shouldn’t embarrass yourself trying. This is always an amazing photo opportunity for the lads and it means that your light weightrelated reputation won’t just stay between friends; it’ll end up on Facebook too.

Passing out – This is almost phase two of the competitive drinking nature on stag weekends. Passing out after drinking excessively,don’t let it be you. The lads cannot be trusted, and you just cannot afford to turn up at the wedding with permanent marker all over your face and body . The number of ‘disappointed’ ladies would be monumental, and the embarrassment would stay with you forever.

Awkward Drunk Selfies – There is a running pattern in this that I am sure you have noticed…Drinking, don’t get drunk and totally illuminate your judgement, drunk selfies are never any good and in fact they are less than no good they are detrimental. Your selfie will undoubtedly end up on Facebook and if it doesn’t affect your reputation, I can guarantee there is something questionable going on in the background. Here’s a rule you should implement...’no pictures on the stag weekend!’

Pranks – This one can be fine, not all pranks are humiliating, most are but, you never know, your mates could be better than that…Or not. I just hope you don’t find yourself waking up tied to a pole in just your boxers, or you are not handcuffed to a monument in a mankini. I mean, we have facebook now, these are not exactly things you can live down, well, good luck. You’re going to need it.

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