Paintballing is the most popular activity for many stag weekends, a perfect manly pursuit where blokes get to play “action man” without actually having to dodge anything more dangerous than some lime green pants and a few nasty bruises.

Although the game is very light hearted, there are invariably a few characters you just do not want on your team…

Corporal Clean

As much as he would love a day out with the lads, this is far from his idea of fun. Corporal Clean is a neat freak who is used to more clinical environments, the lad who carries the hand sanitizer and the one with the neatest eye brows too. Most likely to, take out a wipe to clean his paintball gun and hide in the shed once you are taken out to the battle field.

Major Moaner

This lad is keen to get stuck in, thinks he knows all the right tactics in order to win the game, his team are important to him, and whether he has experience or not, he is confident in his victory. But once the game begins and his team are not listening to his orders his isn’t a happy chappy. Most likely to blame his team mates when he gets shot.

Colonel Clumsy

The nerves have gotten to him on the way to the paintball activity centre, you notice he has gotten a little quiet, he has no experience with shooting and really doesn’t have a clue about paintballing in general, or anything else for that matter; The ditsy one of the bunch. Most likely to let go of the gun when it kicks back and run out into the firing line.

Colonel Clumsy

Lieutenant Laughter

This guy is the class clown, the lad who is up for anything. He may or may not have experience with paintball guns, however he will definitely have some fun shooting them, you will hear his giggles a mile off, but of course he is on your team, so you aren’t looking out for him are you? Well you better be, as this class clown likes to take shots at his own team. Worst team mate ever. Most likely to keep hold of the gun and shoot when the game has ended.

Sergeant Sod-It

Possibly the angriest lad of the group, he is definitely the one with the most frustrations. Sergeant Sod-It is determined to take it all out on the group and go all guns blazing. Of course, he isn’t the best and may Most likely to be feared by all of the lads on the stag weekend and the instructors too.