Girls on the Beach

It’s the last weekend of single life, so you know you have to have a good one, right? It’s tradition, it’s only right to go out with a bang. For great hen parties there are certain very important things that could make or break it so decide well on these. Here, we have listed the most important points that will make your hen party weekend a beautiful success.

1- Destination: We always advise people to start with this, the destination for your hen party must have a reputation for hosting them. It’s no use going to places that are not built or inclined towards hosting such parties. We have over 30 destinations that are dedicated to amazing hen weekends. Our favourite 3 places to host hen party weekends are Marbella, London and Valencia. There are loads of great bars and activity opportunities in those locations and we really enjoy sending groups to enjoy what they have to offer.

2- Friends: No points for guessing this! But without your most cherished ladies by your side you might as well dump the party. Also a great bunch of friends have the potential to make your hen party a memorable time and one which you would love to do all over again. Collect your best friends and make sure that they will keep your hen weekend secrets under wraps forever…and we mean forever.

3- Accommodation: When planning for your hen weekend away, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that you have the best weekend of your life. We check out all of the best and well suited accommodation and present you those that are of best value and offer great services. The perfect stay is one of the most important points in planning a successful weekend, you won’t be sleeping much, but when you do, you will need it to be the perfects nights rest.

4- Fun Activity: This is the most important day time activity, this is what will bond the group together and get the group enjoying the day and reminiscing on what has been and what is yet to come. There are loads of activities to choose from, with over 100 available activities, we are confident that you’ll find the perfect one.

5- Night on the town: A hen party weekend is not complete without a VIP night out, whether its cocktail bars for a more wind down effect or high profile clubs to go out with a bang it has to be VIP. Make it a night to remember with treatment that tops all other nights out, just so you can truly say you have experienced it all. We’re talking no dreaded queues, your very own VIP area, table or booth, bottle service and even sparklers at those extra special venues.

6- Relaxation: And as the icing on the cake, a day of simple relaxation is just what you’ll need. Whether it be a champagne breakfast, a beach day, spa day or even just a morning in the sauna to help sweat out the alcohol. After the previous 5 tips I think this is the most sensible, time to unwind before the wedding is very important for the bride.