Couple In Club

Everyone loves a good night out; with the girls, with the lads, whoever it is, hitting the town on a Saturday night seems a great idea. But the morning after, we are usually saying those infamous words, “I’m never drinking again” and with your hen/stag party coming up, there is a chance we’re going to be hearing those words that weekend. We don’t see the signs, when we are drinking we tend not to know when to stop and ride the wave we are on, here are a few signs to look out for, if you find yourself doing anything mentioned below, please, put down the drink for a while. Your night was at its best 10 minutes ago, it’s all downhill from here.


1.When you are dancing to the ‘Macarena’ without even a little embarrassment; and you’re not normally a dancer, but tonight, you have all the moves. It’s okay to drink and get a little more dancing fuel, but when you are ‘pulling off’ new moves and you seem to be the centre of attention, it’s time to take a back seat before your auntie is picking you up of the dancefloor.


2.When you are smiling so much more than you should be, you find yourself speaking on your opinions and talking to people that you have no real interest in. You begin getting dramatic, overly animated and loud. When you feel like your friends are confused by what you are saying and you have to explain every sentence, you are probably not making any sense. You are too drunk.


3.When the simplest tasks become difficult, the straw in your glass swirls way too fast for you to catch, your seat moves to the right just as you begin to sit down, and when you think your empty bottle of bud is a dose of invincible juice, and you are attempting to do things that you are physically incapable of, like an arm wrestling with an ogre and picking up a person much heavier than you are; you are too drunk.

Men With Phone

4.When you are saying too much, you are telling strangers you’re most intimate and personal details, you start confessing your feelings to your friends, and you begin sending incoherent text messages. Once you notice that it's nearly impossible to type or to get a coherent word out, it's time to put away the phone and to chug some water.

Men Closing Door

5.And suddenly, you really need to use the bathroom, you walk straight to the toilets, with or without your friends and find yourself in the nearest cubicle, you’re feeling so much better for it, relieved, you lean your head on the wall to your right, and you close your eyes, suddenly you feel horrible and you arise to the realisation, you are drunk…

6.And now, whether you stopped drinking or you grabbed another from the bar, you are pretty much zoned out and everyone is leaving the club, you’re emotions flair and you either want to find another club and continue the party, or skip to the nearest burger shop for more than just a ‘bit to eat’. And the most conclusive sign that you were too drunk that night…the banging hangover in the morning.

But not to worry, we have the cure...