Egyptian goddesses


Egyptian goddesses would be a beautiful idea, you and the ladies can go all out with this one, and even get the hen looking like the very best, Cleopatra. It would be amazing to see you all in ropes and gold.

To get you and all of your beautiful ladies suitably dressed, it need not be as difficult as you may think. All that your hens will need for this hen party theme is a good eye for detail, and some minor costume pieces. First get out all of your old gold costumes pieces, tie your hair up in decorative buns, with large gold clips and then find a large draping dress, sheet or just custom some cream material and get all the girls matching for your big hen party weekend. Some gladiator sandals and of course, cat eye makeup to will complete the look. The Ancient Egypt Hen Party theme most definitely is unique and is a hen party theme that will rarely have ever been seen before.


The Native American hen party theme is one which makes you immediately think about cowboys and Indian, it doesn’t seem sexy at first, but this theme can truly be transformed into something endearing.

This hen party theme can be very entertaining as your hens can all dress up as either female or male Native Americans. Your hens may even choose that the bride to be dresses up as an Indian Chief. It’s always fun to make the hen stand out a little more than the rest of the ladies. All you will need for this theme is an Indian head dress with feathers for the hen, some red face paint, a cream dress and twine head bands for the girls. Moccasin shoes or sandals would work perfectly with this look.


Okay, so this is something that you don’t have to work with, it’s already quite sexy. Your hen party Hawaiian babes will be in the perfect form to shake their coconuts if they dress up for this theme!

All your hens need to complete the hen night celebration with this theme are some tropical cocktails and upbeat dance tunes.

No Hawaiian babe costume would be complete without a traditional grass skirt and a flower necklace. To make your hens feel like exotic goddesses accessorise with colourful flip flops, a colourful shawl and dramatic makeup. If your hens are in a cheeky mood, they could stick two coconut halves on their assets and shake them around to the music. This is a hen dress up theme that will leave the boys struggling to keep a cool when they see them!


Bring your hen do ladies back to the era of gangsters in the 1920’s! You can all be glamorous gangsters at your hen party weekend in your suits, suspenders and hats or perhaps your hen party chicks want to play the role of a gangster’s wife/girlfriend by dressing up in 1920’s flapper style clothing.

If your hens want to go for a masculine gangster look, a fake moustache would be great and a pinstripe suit too. Accessorise with shiny black shoes with a white tip, a fedora hat, a fake gun and a cigar! Make this hen theme look more feminine by wearing some pinstripe shorts with suspenders over a white shirt. Finish off with a sexy hat and a pair of killer heels.


Spice Girls hen party theme is something I personally get excited about. With this hen party idea your hens get to dress up as their child hood idols. The Spice Girls Hen Party theme is an idea that will not only provide your hen party with a barrel of laughs, but everyone else too. The bride to be can either choose to select which Spice Girl that each of your hens dress up as, or your hens can be given the choice to dress up as whatever Spice Girl they wish.

Given that the Spice Girls were formed in 1995 and came onto the scene with each and every one of them having their crazy and unique look, plus they originally stayed together until 2000, there are literally hundreds of Spice Girl styles to choose from. (Personally I love 1995 scary spice). Whether it be Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, Ginger Spice, Posh Spice or even Baby Spice. The hen party photographs from this hen party idea will surely be incredible and provide laughter for your hens forever!


The Old Women hen party theme sure isn’t sexy, but it is such a funny hen party idea. The granny hen party theme is easy to achieve with hen accessories, ancient clothes and an old grey curly wig. Please warn your hens in advance though as we doubt many men will be falling at your feet with the old woman hen theme.

The Old Women hen party theme is a very new hen party idea which many will never have seen before. It may sound completely unsexy and unappealing, but we can vouch that this is one of the most effective and hilariously funny hen party ideas you could think of. You’ll have memories flowing in. For the unsuspecting party goer the sight of over a dozen old women in a night club dancing and drinking cocktails will be a sight to behold. Even for everyone in the hen party they will have endless fun laughing and giggling at each other’s clothing, make up, hair, glasses and even choice of shoes.


The jockey hen party theme is a winning hen party idea. Your hens will love the jockey hen party theme. It would be perfect if you each had a different colour to work with, accessorise with patent boots, peak caps and not to mention the horse whips to make unique hen party to remember. What are you waiting for hens … giddy up!!!

The Jockey hen party theme is a novel idea; the most recognisable feature is that each and every jockey wears a top with unique colouring and patterns on it. Imagine each of your hens dressed up as a jockey, but everyone wearing completely different colours and patterns. Thick black leggings are a must, with either black leather or patent black boots with no heel. To make the tops, buy a batch of plain white t-shirts and have each of your hens design their own top. For the jockey helmet get a hard hat and cover it in felt the same colour as your jockey hen party top. Just be careful your hens don't get into too much trouble with their jockey whips.