For those of you who make up the groom’s side of the bridal party, undoubtedly one of the biggest things your will be looking forward to is the all-important stag do. This should be the last hoorah for a single man that will forever be remembered, so make it a good one! If you have been granted the task of organising a stag do, here are a few activities that would be perfect for the ultimate stag!


There is nothing that brings boys together quite like football. Whether a catch-up with your boys is well overdue or the bride has insisted her brother keeps an eye on you, a game of 5-a-side football is the way to go. Remaining as one of the most popular stag party activities throughout Europe, it is a great way to kick-off the groom’s last hoorah! A combination of fun, alcohol and competition, there is no better start to your stag weekend. Bring out your inner Messi on the pitch, then drown in the alcohol later – win or lose.


Is a hangover threatening to ruin your stag weekend? It’s time to sweat it out as you explore the beautiful Barcelona scenery. Dust off your bike riding skills and brace yourself as you witness Barcelona from a different perspective. Now this isn’t a race, so take your time as you ride through the streets, taking in every inch of the Spanish city’s beauty. Don’t worry, there will also be plenty of time to take those photos that will spark jealousy when you get home – not to mention you can stop for a few more drinks (preferably something to sober you up!)


No stag do is complete without endless amounts of alcohol, so take advantage of Barcelona’s fantastic bars and clubs. But make sure you line your stomachs well before hand, and what better way to do this than by taking a tour of some of the city’s most iconic dishes. Ever tried Tapas? Well now you can with our specially designed Tapas Tour! Get away from all those expensive tourist traps and get to know all of the best Tapas joints in town.


The sun is forever beaming down on the lively Spanish beaches, so there is no doubt that you’ll want to spend the day catching the rays. But don’t forget that this is a stag weekend. Your friends don't get to marry every other weekend and so you have to take full advantage of it. It’s time to indulge yourselves in some high adrenaline thrill. Ditch the towel for the life jacket and dive straight into the action. Show off your water skills as you boost around the sea. Who will become the king of the Jet Ski? Only time will tell!


Think you’re the James Bond of your group? How good can you fire a ball full paint when you are still reeling from the night before? Stag party paintballing is a measure of who has the biggest balls. Paintballing is synonymous with stag parties and will never become cliché. What's more fun than grown up men hunting each other down and throwing paint at each other at speeds of up to 90m/s? Nothing is! You can add even more fun into the whole experience by incorporating smoke grenades, scopes and all manner of military gear. Reveal your inner Marine by taking on your friends and shooting all of them down! 


Looking for something unique to do on your stag weekend? How about taking a riverboat cruise down the River Besòs? Feel the cool breeze as you and the boys sail down the river. Experience what it is like to live like a celebrity as you spend your day cruising and drinking – we’ll even invite a stripper or two to add some heat to the party! We won’t tell if you don’t…


If you want a more thrilling and modern battle feel, ditch the paintball and grab the futuristic laser guns. Unlike paintball guns, laser guns are accurate since they fire infrared rays which simulate real world shooting. Barcelona boasts of some of the best laser venues in Europe, so come and test your skills as you shoot lasers at your enemies in an impressively modern built laser arena. The main objective of taking your stag party to Barcelona is to bond and have fun. Laser combat does exactly this. You can have fun shooting each other and then bond with a few beers afterwards. Sound fun? Well come on down!


The perfect stag party wouldn't be complete without the topping of a proper strip show. It’s time to add some heat to your night. Imagine a round of drinks and a stripper to spice things up. Is the groom resisting it? You don't need to let him know, surprise him with a chili hot stripper grinding for him as he sips his drinks. How good are you at keeping secrets? What happens in a Barcelona stag weekend, stays in Barcelona, so you’ll definitely want to forget your cameras for this part.

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