Europe is notorious for offering the greatest stag weekend opportunities, from beer-soaked nights out, to days out on the dirt track, revving up some steam. Perfect for thrill-seekers or those that prefer to chill out, the capital of the Czech Republic has something for everyone and is the ultimate place for a stag do. Popular for its nightlife and its historical buildings, Prague is sure to give you a fantastic night to remember.

Imagine actually being in a real life version of Call of Duty, the guns blaring, dodging bullets… Intrigued yet? Well you should be! Airsofting is a combined feeling of adrenaline and the suspense of not knowing where your next enemy is. Team work is key here, as you’ll be combating alongside your friends to take down the enemy. But you must stay alert! As well as keeping an eye out for your fellow team mates, you need to make sure you don’t get shot yourself!

Beer and Spirit Tasting
During your stag weekend you want to do something different, right? How about kick-starting your weekend with a beer-soaked night out on the town, tasting the local beers and spirits? Or how about a brewery tour followed by lunch or dinner? Sound tempting? Sure it does! Why not come and see for yourself; Prague has some of the greatest beers in the whole of the Czech Republic. If you fancy something a bit more unique, why not visit one of Prague’s beer spas (there is unlimited beer for half an hour!)

Trabant Driving
Think you have the skills to handle a vintage beauty? Well put them to the test with a Trabant driving experience in Prague! Cruise around the city and show off your smooth maneuvering skills; perfect for those who belong on Top Gear. Not only will you be free to drive through the city in a beautiful banger, you will also be able to take in the divine views that surround you. To finish the Prague Trabant tour you will get to sample the finest beers in the Czech Republic, followed by some traditional hearty goulash.

Zorb Football
Are you a football fanatic? Think you possess the skills that can put any Premier League footballer to shame? Will you think the same once trapped inside of a huge balloon filled with air? Then you should have a whirl at Zorb football. This game is the perfect combination of football and dodgems, but balance is of the utmost importance! Sound entertaining? There is absolutely no doubt about that. Although the rules are a little different than regular football, you can be sure that it is fun, challenging and brings everyone together like no other sport.

Bar Crawls
No stag party is complete without the consumption of alcohol, and a lot of consumption at that. Prague bar, club and pub crawls are the perfect combination of alcohol and touring the lively city. Whether you tend to stick to simple beers and wines, or if you prefer the wilder, more intoxicating beverages, Prague is home to some of the greatest water holes in Europe. Regardless of whether you will wake up to remember it, you will wish that the night never ends.

Off Road Driving
This activity is quite possibly one of the greatest ways to let loose and to determine who the best driver is. Forget about those rules and regulations of a standard road, with this thrilling experience you and the lads can put your driving skills to the test and push your limits to uncover the greatest driver (while everyone else eats dusts!) Provided with an array of vehicles to choose from, you will tour over rocky terrains and muddy tracks – so don’t be afraid to get dirty!

Looking for something unique and adventurous to do on your stag weekend in Prague, then look no further. You and your adrenaline loving friends can be gliding over a 1km long course, with up to 5 rides! Imagine travelling speeds up to 40 miles per hour – don’t worry though, there is a break attached so you won’t be going home in a plaster cast. After all that sledding you are bound to be thirsty. Fear not! A nice cool beer will be waiting at the end of the course just for you.

Dinner & Strip
Perhaps the highlight of all stag weekends in Prague is the dinner and strip show. Unlike any other meal, your treats for afterwards are probably the best you will ever have. To begin the evening, you and the lads can satisfy your needs with a sumptuous steak dinner, with plenty of Czech beer to wash it down with. As the drinks flow in, dinner will be followed by some of the hottest women in Prague, ready for you to feast your eyes upon as they dance and strip just for you.

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