If you are choosing to have your stag weekend in the UK, the winter months aren't always that popular, and we do in some ways understand. The weather isn't great and also, the activities that spring to mind can usually become less fun when the weather it bad. But we have to look on the brighter side of life, generally, once a stag bites the bullet and decides to have his stag weekend in the winter, the weekend is awesome. Here are some of the activities that we have seen to be most fun in the winter months.

Paintball Indoor/Outdoor

This is such a fun activity, and it is a great way to spend time during a stag do weekend. You can enjoy this either indoors or outdoors, so if you don't find a muddy warzone fun, you can always do paintball in the area. But of course, it can be awesome when you indulge in paintball out in the mud. Picture this, one of the lads slip in the mud, flat on his back and you run towards him, you manage to stand right above him, and then those famous words - hasta la vista baby! (*paint ball to the chest*) - Perfect right?

Skiing & snowboarding

Skiing & snowboarding

Celebrate the cold weather with a skiing or snowboarding day out. Of course this is going with the spirit of the cold weather so, skip this idea if that's not your thing. The snow dome boasts real snow, all year round, and of course that means it is authentic to the real thing. Exciting sports in a fun and competitive environment can be awesome for stag weekend banter. Take the lads to the snow dome and see who can skilfully make it down the slopes and who slides down on their bum.

Poker party

You and your party will get a private and personalised poker session with expert dealers who will be on hand to deal cards and keep watch over the game. The dealers will also provide tuition for those who have never played the game before. The game will proximately last about two hours, so you'll have plenty of time to show your mates whose boss when it comes to gambling and hopefully winning big so you have some extra money for beer! - An awesome way to spend your stag do when the weather is absolutely terrible.

Dinner & Stripper

Dinner & StripperThe 8oz is a great choice; would you like a side of honey with that? 

If you can indulge in fun activities outside, why not make dinner the activity in itself? Get in a round of drinks when you enter the restaurant, you're going to want your stag to be a little bit tipsy. You are going to be escorted into a private room for your VIP treatment. Your evening of stag action will kick off with a delicious 3 course meal featuring a main course of steak, afterwards you will be enticed by a sexy strip show. What better way to spend a rainy day? And of course, you can always continue the fun at a nearby strip club or celebrate the winter whether at an ice bar.

Indoor Karting

And of course, this classic stag weekend activity is always fun, even in the winter months. We find that karting is always such an awesome activity because men have egos, and especially when it comes to driving. The competitively really makes the activity so enjoyable for all of the lads and we just know, without a doubt an indoor karting activity will be a success. This activity gives you a chance to find out once and for all, who is really the best driver between you. - The perfect way to send of the groom to be.

Speaking from experience, the weather can not dampen (see what I did there) the spirits of such an exciting celebration.