Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, and so there’s no surprise it’s a hugely popular destination for fun loving stags. It has combinations of both a sandy beach and a spectacularly lit city; and we can organise your time so that during your weekend away you can experience the best of both worlds. The majestic and manic city stands alone energy, colour, vibrancy and expressive nature. Keeping the lads all in one place is going to be a difficult task, with all that there is to see, smell, touch and taste in the city, you’ll have them scattering as soon as their feet touch the ground. But don’t worry; with an itinerary and a plan, you should be fine.

Barcelona is known for its yacht’s , it’s luxury views and the rich and famous are what comes to mind right away, but yachts aren’t only for the rich and famous you know, now you can charter your own private vessel. Make some use of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and spend time with your party cruising along the coast.

Your guide will take you on a memorable journey from a Barcelona Port, to the coves and fishing villages that make the coastline so beautiful. Sit back relax, enjoy the sound of the waves and soak up the rays of the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine. Or get wild, get the drinks and begin your party weekend early. As this is a private charter, you can request ‘swim stops’ from the professional guide, whenever you choose.

The yachts have capacities of up to 13 people. For larger groups we suggest our 22 person catamaran. With perks of the same kind, you will love the experience. Please ask us for a quote for larger groups.

Or, if you prefer, we can separate the men from the mice, with our Barcelona tandem sky-dive activity. You and your party can enjoy the adrenaline rush of a lifetime, safely strapped to a fully qualified instructor, as you speed through the air at 140kph towards earth.

You will meet your professional instructors who will then take you step by step through a safety briefing session, show you all the gear and introduce you to the plane. Once everyone is ready, it’s up, up and away. Once safely strapped to your instructor, it’s time to take the plunge…have fun! You will find yourself floating down, admiring the amazing views below as your instructor steers you safely to the landing site.

Before the day dawns, why not fit in a game of beach volleyball? Not only is beach volleyball fun, but it’s a great for a bit of showing off on the sand! And after, let’s hit the city for a VIP night in the clubs of course! The nightlife is bursting with fun socialites ready to mingle.

All our packages can be altered upon request, or if you have a totally different idea of what you would like to do then let us know.