Bratislava has become Europe's top stag destinations, there are so many activities at your fingertips here, and the beers are cheap! So for a stag weekend, what's not to love about Bratislava? Here are some of the activities, you might want to check out while you plan the stag with your buddies and enjoy a weekend getaway:


The extreme road off action motor is just what the stags crave for. The 4x4 Jeeps and massive vehicles is a dream come true for guys who have an itch for thrills and extreme action. These vehicles will ride over anything they are pointed to! Let all your rush hour road rage go on these wheels and take control of the mountainous tracks. Treat the guys with guns and big wheels!


From action movies to nonstop playing of action games on computer. It's time for you to be the soldier and try shooting and destroying targets with the big guns available to you. You are called on duty along with your friends to enjoy the hell out of blasting bullets and destroying targets. Create some fun competition by having the worst shooter buy the first rounds on your stag weekend night out in Bratislava.


Even wanted to be that invincible superhero!? Of course, you have. And here's your chance to feel that invincibility that you have always dreamed of. Ride these jetpacks with stags and chaos will arise. With heights of 30ft above the water, using modern and cutting edge flying machine. You will soar through the air, above the water, providing the rush of flying and ocean high at the same time. The jetpacks exploding hundreds of liters of water below will make you feel like you are flying over water.


Love to climb? Or have always dreamed of climbing tall buildings like an action hero. High ropes is the endurance of you, and the guys in the group and bring out the action. Move along the puzzles and layouts presented to you while swinging from the trees with agility. While stepping out on a high end rope bridge, the worries will wash away as you and your buddies inhale on the high of conquering the high altitude assault course.



Take in the sights and dance while enjoying some beers in Bratislava, mingle it with party and girls and you got the Utopia of Manhood. Enjoy the calm rhythm of the sea, while listening to some awesome music, and if you feel like getting away from the music and relaxing. Enjoy the depth of thoughts and fun in the sea and enjoy the sun and the warm waters.


Surfing is the coolest and extreme of water sports on earth. And that's why it is exactly what you and your buddies need to blast off the heat of summer and sun with water and adventure. Bratislava offers magnificent waters and it is unjust not to hit the waves and beat them while you are here. Nothing beats the feeling of the adrenaline and high when you catch your first wave while standing on the board. So get your boards ready and hit the waters. And impress the eyes of beautiful women and girls that are sightseeing you!

For all these activities and more, check out our Bratislava stag activities page, have can arrange the perfect stag do for you.